Wednesday, November 07, 2012

SWF'12 Pictures

I've been wanting to blog about SWF (Singapore Writers Festival 2012) since last weekend but I really had no idea what to say. So perhaps I should just upload pictures and type captions instead? :)

SWF Day 1: Opening ceremony

 Perhaps you should see my excited face when I received my festival pass! Featured author kapaaa. *Still in disbelief!*

An honour to sit with Dr Saeda Buang, one of SWF's committee member. She's my lecturer in NIE as well! 

Meet Ha, my bestfriend ever since primary school days up until now. Almost ten years, even more.  We went to Alfian Saat and Cyril Wong's book launch session after the opening ceremony. Yes, I'm in love with English poetry now. Especially Alfian's.

SWF Day 3!

No that's not typo error, I skipped day 2 cause I didn't go. It's a stay home Saturday for me. I had to mug for my linguistics quiz (as I mentioned in my previous entry) Hehe. So yeah! Day 3 was my session! Woo!

I dragged my sister to come along cause I needed photographer, hahaha. True story. Other reasons why I needed her cos she's my strength haha, if I see her face I won't be nervous anymore. Lol!

 Attended Beyond the 2nd link: selected short fiction from Malaysia and Singapore's book launch. Met Mr Lutfi Ishak from Malaysia. Got my book autographed, yay!
#fangirl part 2

 Photo taken right before my session.
Haha yes I was nervous. Itu senyuman gementar, ok? 

 I had fun, really!
Corrie moderated the session well!  Cheryl shared a lot of useful tips I can pick up and Zafar's super funny!  Maybe that's why I got caught on camera smiling most of the time. Hehehe. I really should grab their books asap before SWF ends!

 And I think the mic hates me, it kept falling.

So what I brought back today? The Malaysia & Singapore's short fiction and Alfian Saat's Invisible Manuscript. Sadded :( I should come down Alfian Saat's next session and chase after him for autograph. Do I sound scary? Like a psycho fangirl. Hahahahahahahaha.

SWF Day 5!

 Yes you got that right, it's day 5!
Time flies! This time round I was at Singapore Arts Museum!

 Tribue to Masuri SN's session!

 Was told to wear purple cos purple was the late Masuri SN's favourite colour (:

 The crew. Kudos to the team! Really made me cry (though shamefully I admit I don't really know Masuri SN's work that well, sigh!) I should read up more on his work, definitely. His Susah Bercakap Sendiri poem really moved me!

What I brought back today!

Okie, that's all for now I guess. Toodles!


  1. kak nir , buku dari jendela zaman ini sangat best !

    1. I belum sempat baca! Thanks for the info! Insya Allah wil lread it soon dear! :)