Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bandung, kami datang!

Disclaimer: This is an extremely long post.

So yes. I went to Bandung and I fell in love..........with the country of course. What were you thinking about? Hahahaha. It's really an awesome place, the people are really nice. They're REALLY nice I swear, especially when we had troubles checking in, they were not grumpy at all, and we had just so many requests, typical Singaporeans I guess? Check in je cari Wifi, iron, ironboard, yadayada, tapi diorang layankan je dengan penuh kesabaran kekekekeke.

Anyways! Let's go to Day #1!

Changi Airport Terminal 2

I was awfully sleepy cause I slept late the previous night. Our flight was actually at 9:10 but it was delayed till 11, I think. I've forgotten already haha. So we managed to have our breakfast at KFC before finally boarding! Yay! Excited!

 On board

The journey took about 1 hour 50 minutes from Singapore to Bandung. We arrived at Husein Sastranegara airport around 12 noon. Oh yes Bandung is 1 hour behind Singapore time. Honestly I was actually panicking on board when the steward announced we're landing and I still see houses everywhere :O 

 Hotel Majesty Junior Suite

Stepping out of the airport, our pak supir was already waiting with a big printed Nir 'banner' at the steps. He drove us straight to Hotel Majesty to check in! We had some problems checking in actually, it's not the hotel managements' fault lah cos I booked through an agent and she sort of got the dates mixed up. We couldn't get the Executive Suite and was offered the Junior Suite instead. But the junior suite is still okay. No complaints :D

 Restoran Sangkuriang

 Sundanese food

 Restoran Sangkuriang interior

After checking in, we went to Restoran Sangkuriang for lunch. Our driver yang promote this place actually cause we wanted to try Sundanese food. I'd say the food was PEDAS GILE LA. I was having a little bit of flu actually at that time, hirup Tom Yam Soup dia terus baik la seh. Hahahaha. Anyways, the interior is really really nice! The restaurant is separated into two areas actually, you can choose whether you want to sit atas kerusi atau bersila. Cool gila okay! The one yang in the picture kat atas tuh is the ruang lesehan (tempat untuk duduk bersila) It's like we're sitting in small huts lah. Awesome I'd say ^^ 

 Fashion World Factory Outlet

Our first shopping stop is Fashion World Factory Outlet at Jalan Setiabudi. It's really huge (and then I realise, memang semua factory outlet kat Bandung besar lah, heaven gila for kaki shopping like me) Everything is cheap here. You can get branded stuff here at very cheap prices. I bought Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie and Fitch items here. I'd say one shirt costs around RP 90,000. Kalau convert, it's even less than SGD10 okay. Plus the quality is gooood! :D

 Rumah Mode Factory Outlet

Rumah Mode is just a few steps away from Fashion World. About 5 minutes walk I think? I'm quite disappointed cos Rumah Mode is like the 'hot stuff' and everyone talks about this place. The place is nice, I don't deny. There's a cafe around. Tempat dia macam vintage ah. But what I don't like is...the place is uber crowded! And the price range lebih kurang sama macam Fashion World. So I'd rather shop at Fashion World instead :)

 Paris Van Java Mall

I finally set foot at the famous Paris Van Java mall and known as the Asean Paris mall. PVJ is really huge, reminds me of Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. This isn't a place for you to shop if youwant to bargain sebab sesungguhnya barang-barang kat sini mahal la. I mean, biasa la. Mall apa. What do you expect kan. Hahaha. I was tempted to buy this Guess bracelet for RP 400,000 but then macam.......ok takpe. Let's splurge on books instead! So off we went to Gramedia Bookstore! 

These are among the books I bought. Happy gila pergi Gramedia sebab ya rabbi buku diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :O Macam nak beli satu kedai boleh tak? The books are all so pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty book covers. And synopsis semua pun macam best gila. Rambang mata tak tahu nak pilih yang mana! I wanted to buy a lot actually but my sister dah bising takut luggage tak muat (Trust me, the next time I go Bandung I'm going to bring extra luggage just for novels okay!)

Day #2

 Harmony Restaurant at The Majesty Hotel

The breakfast spread is actually not bad! They had a little bit of everything. There's a touch of western (for people like me yang tak reti makan nasi for breakfast haha). Pancakes, omelette, pastries. Nasi pun ada macam-macam jenis. I remember seeing nasi kuning (pulut issit?) and there's bubur, nasi goreng, nasi putih of course with the lauk-pauk and all. And there's dessert like puding, pulut hitam and cakes. So breakfast memang terjamin kenyang ok hahahaha.

 Kawah Putih

Initially we didn't want to go to Kawah Putih. Okay tipu. I want to but my mum takmau. I did my research before going here, I either want to go to Tangkuban Perahu or Kawah Putih (dua-dua tempat gunung berapi) tapi my mum taknak. Takut dangerous and whatnots. Tapi........macam sayang kan dah pergi jauh-jauh abeh tak pergi tempat ni? Even the driver suggested us to go Kawah Putih. So my mum macam....ah okay. So yay! The journey took like forever. I remember dozing off, waking up and the dozing off again tapi tetap tak sampai-sampai jugak. About 2 hours drive from hotel here. Tempat dia sejuk!!!!!!!!!! Bebual mulut keluar asap semua. So kita pun step macam kat negeri Eropah mana je feeling-feeling ambil gambar haha.

 Saung Andir

We had our lunch on our way down (or rather out?) of Kawah Putih area. Sundanese food again! Sesungguhnya after today I bertaubat taknak makan makanan Sunda lagi dan dah bulatkan tekad nak makan Padang esok. Confirm. Hahaha. We ordered this thing called Ayam Brengsek. Mati-mati I thought it is ayam panggang yang digaul dengan cili hijau. So dengan selamba I cedok a handsome portion of it into my plate. Lepastu bila makan........ha selamat! CILI PADI OK. Macam nak terbakar anak tekak. I don't deny it is nice. Memang sedap sangat. Tapi pedasgilanakmatipehtaklehangkat. Paham tak? Hahahaha. It's quite cheap too here! I remember ordering about 6-7 lauk and rice for 5 people and also order air, we had to pay only about RP230,000 which is about.....SGD30. Only. Kalau makan macam ni in Singapore........jangan harap k you can get SGD30. Jangan harap! Hahaha.

 Kebun Stroberi

We intended to singgah kebun stroberi on our way down cause there's just soo many strawberry farms and we wanted to take pictures and petik strawberry sendiri. Tapi it started to rain, sadly. So we had no choice but to buy yang dah siap dipetik punya. But the stawberries are nice, really! Kalau dapat dip in chocolate...wah heaven. The strawberries are not to masam too. I can't recall how much we paid for 1kg though. Sorry hehe!

On our way back to hotel, we just stopped by mana-mana Factory Outlet yang ada. One of them was Bali Heaven. Sadly we didn't snap any pictures there cause we were too busy shopping! Sesungguhnya it is indeeed heaven for shopaholics haha. I got accessories here, ibu bought her batiks & abang bought A&F slippers. We thought tempat dia kecik, tapi bila kita keluar satu pintu, masuk lagi satu pintu....aduh. Tempatnya sebesar alam! Ada restaurant, ada tempat spa. Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhh. If only my sisters dah besar, we could all go for a spa treatment there seh haha.

Dah #3

 Pasar Baru

So the first thing we did on a Friday is to go to Pasar Baru. If Bali Heaven and Fashion World was heaven, I have no words left to describe how Pasar Baru is like. SHIOK GILA LAH SEH. It's something like Geylang, Singapore tapi dia punya murah beyond murah taktau nak cakap macammana lagi. I remember buying a shawl at Paris Van Java mall, one piece for RP135,000. Kat Pasar Baru jual satu for RP35,000 ok. BEZA RP100,000 PLEASE. Rip off betul. I borong shawl kat sini, like rabak-rabak punya borong. If I can turun Bandung often I really don't mind buying all the shawls and selling them in Singapore cos I SWEAR I LOVE THEM ALL. Singapore tak ada pun shawl corak floral guna material chiffon (I think Chiffon ah haha). I don't think KL pun ada (based on the last time I went Masjid Jamek area ah haha). The telekungs here and bajus here are also Muslimah friendly. And kebetulan waktu kita shopping kat sini, abang pergi solat Jumaat (There's a mosque on the 8th floor by the way). Jadi we girls pun shop till we drop la. I bought shoes as well, one pair for RP50,000. That's like what, SGD6 only? Sigh. This. Is. Bliss.

 Restoran Padang

As I mentioned earlier, I (we) cannot telan Sundanese food anymore so we decided to eat padang food today for lunch. Sigh. Sedap tahap menjilat jari can or not? Of course can. Hahaha. Sedap. Sungguh. They serve all the lauk pauk using small-small plates tapi banyak gila variety. We ended up eating all. Sampai licin ok. I concluded it's either we're really famished or maybe the food is really really nice. Hahaha.

We stopped by Toko Tiga, a jeans factory outlet. I got tired of shopping already haha so I didn't buy anything here. Basically kat sini ada jual barang-barang Levis, Lee Cooper and all the jeans brands lah eh (Not a fan of jeans sebab tu tak ambil kisah sangat hahaha)

 Trans Studio

We went to Trans Studio after that, RP150,000 per head. Trans Studio ni lebih kurang macam Times Square, Kuala Lumpur punya. Tapi berganda-ganda lebih besar. I've never been too Universal Studios Singapore before (at that point of time la haha) so I couldn't make any comparison. I was really wow-ed cos the place is really awesome. We managed to catch a show at 17:00, wah jaw dropping lah seh. Ada Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and all those Hollywood stars. These people really look like them!

 Trans Mall A&W

To call it off a day, we had our dinner at A&W. Sigh. Nothing beats A&W rootbeer float, ever!

Day #4

 Kavling Stroberi Cihideung

We went to Kebun Stroberi at Cihideung today (by the way I'm wearing the shawl I bought at Pasar Baru, tak penting tapi nak bagitau jugak hahaha). The plush toys are too cute I ended up buying one!

 Kebun Bunga Cihideung

I actually thought Kebun Bunga Cihideung is a place with a proper entrance, macam Botanical Garden. Tapi tak. Basically it's the flowers are by the road side. So Pak supir park kereta one corner lepastu kita turun and jalan-jalan ambil gambar. Sigh. Flowers make me happy. I wish I could buy the roses and bring them back though. Sadly if I buy pun, bawak balik confirm mati. Sadded! On our way back, we went past Kampung Daun as well. The famous tempat makan but we didn't eat there cause we're still full from breakfast and it was only 11am. Macam terlalu awal kut nak makan lunch. Wasted! :(

 Restoran Padang

I can't remember what restaurant we went that afternoon but we had padang food again! I therefore conclude padang food is the best. What I like best here is the sotong masak lemak and the ayam cili padi and the pucuk ubi and the paru goreng...omg just listing them down here makes me hungry already hahaha.

After lunch we went to Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau Factory Outlets. There's just too many of them I lost count. I remember going to Roemah Kasut, Robbani, Heritage, JetSet...ah the list goes on and on. Trust me, at the end of the day we all got so tired shopping already hahahaha.

 Majesty Hotel Room Service

We were too tired to go dinner that night we decided to order from room service. Yes we ordered this much and we had to pay less than RP200,000 if I'm not wrong. THAT. IS. CHEAP. OK? And the food's really nice! :)

Day #5

 The Majesty Hotel Junior Suite interior

Sorry la hor bilik berserak hahaha dah nak check out baru ambil gambar, tak senonoh! Patut bila baru-baru sampai ambil gambar. Tapi terlupa pulak. There's also a kitchen here and a dining table and of course toilet (tapi takde bathtub, how disappointing) Heh.

 Hotel Majesty Lobby

On board

And finally we're back! Alhamdulillah :D


  1. Niiiirr!!~ glad you had a great time in Bandung..psst kitorang pun tak sempat pergi trans studio tu..huhuu..
    menanti dengan penuh sabar baby baru Nir, ni dah trimester berapa? all the best! ;)

    1. Yay thank you so much, hahaha next time pergi Bandung mesti pergi sana! Its fun! :) Dah hampir siap insya Allah, doakan ya!