Wednesday, December 05, 2012

DNA Shooting Experience

So as the heading suggests, I went for a shooting last Tuesday. Shooting sounds too glamorous though to me, hahaha. It was really an honour to be on this local info-docu show. Thank you so much DuaM for this opportunity. Thanks for having me. It's really a pleasure to work with you guys, really! XOXO

Here's some sneak peek specially for you!

Meet Aisyah, the producer. She's super friendly (and she speaks fluent Malay) I literally jaw dropped the first time I heard her speaking so fluently in Malay. I like her accent, it's really nice. I can just stare and listen to her rambling on and on without noticing the time. I kid you not. Hahaha

The blue shirt guy is Helmindra, the cameraman (as you can see?) Hahaha. I recognized him as an actor though, he used to act in Anak Metropolitan (I still remember him being the smart JC kid) He's doing a belakang tabir job now I guess. No wonder I hardly see him on TV these days (Not that I watch TV often though, hahahaha) 

The braided hair guy is Awin (I'm not so sure how to spell? Hehe) He's the soundman. Funny guy. Try so hard to make me laugh but I was so nervous I cant even manage a giggle! Hehehehe.

This lady is Aida. The most hyper lady I ever met I don't even know if she knows how to shut up. In which I did ask her if the only time she's quiet is during bedtime but she insists she even talk in her sleep (Ohmygod!) She's nice lah haha she really made me comfortable there and talked to me as though we've known each other for ages. But she's just so hyperactive I wonder where on earth did she get her energy from :P

I cant believe I didn't ask this lady's name but she's my make up artist for the day (Cey can you believe it I have make up artist sey hahahaha) She's a very sweet lady! It was nice knowing her :)

Pardon my unglam shots. I don't mind showing to the world hahaha. You probably could notice the tension showing in my face. Rather obvious ain't it? This kind of thing is not my thing yknow.

I remember the last time I did this kind of shooting was for Bahas 4PM trailer in 2010 and I had to act. I had to ACT and I know I suck so bad at it I cringe everytime I remember that trailer! (I had to say "Hai saya Munirah dan saya suuuuka Maria Sharapova. Dia hot sekali. Macam saya! *Insert big fat fake smile here*) -.- That's definitely a lie cause I DONT EVEN REMEMBER HOW MARIA SHARAPOVA LOOKS LIKE. But I know who she is la. Hahaha. 

For this DNA show I thought it was a fun experience, yes of course. But I thought I sucked so bad too cause I  tend to speak too fast and I didn't think my answers thoroughly. Thing is, everytime I speak formal Malay I will automatically speak fast and furious like a debater. Its just so natural I dunno how to stop myself.

So when I was told to 'just relax and be myself', it basically means...lepak aa. Bebual cam biaser. And my definition of bebual macam biaser is to mix English and Malay. Ah. Hope it won't badly reflect on my image.

Seriously. I can speak proper Malay yknow. But at times like this, with people staring at you and cameras and videos and all that...I can't help but to stammer and of course slip here and there and say words that don't exist (I can't believe I said VOKABULARI. It's kosa kata, Nir. Where got such thing as VOKAB?! I should really die of embarrassment hahahaha)

I just hope people won't judge. You won't judge me. Will you? :(

That's all folks. I'll be away to Bandung till Sunday. Don't miss me too much. Will come back with more updates lovelies. Til then.


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