Saturday, December 01, 2012

Happy pills

After exams the other day we all decided to chill and lepak as a class. So off we went to Seoul Garden at Takashimaya. Spending hours there just eating and talking. Went to Al-Falah after that for Zohor and then we headed to Play Nation at Scape. I'm no gamer, I swear. I don't play games. I'm no fun I guess hahaha. And then they all forced me to play some Kinect game and let loose. Thank goodness we booked two rooms so we girls hogged one room and went a little crazy. Kekeke.

Glad I met these awesome peeps. I used to think I'm an awkward turtle, that I will never fit in. But they made me feel comfortable. No doubt I love them, really. Here's to four more years of classmates and counting~


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