Monday, January 28, 2013

Life in Hall 8

Salam lovelies. How's 2013 going for you so far? :)
Well for me, it's the third week of school. My timetable for this semester kinda suck (I have classes everyday for goodness sake, no time off boohoo!) But the good thing is, I think I like the modules! Yay! 

Aside from linguistics, this semester I'm taking both Sastera Traditional and Sastera Modern mods. Honestly I love sastera. I enjoy the learning journey but I dread sastera examinations! :( Surprisingly though no matter how much I thought I screwed my paper last semester, I actually got an A, hamdan lillah! Which in other words means, perhaps sastera is indeed my strength so I should perform better this semester kan.

So three weeks in school also means, three weeks in hostel. As the title of this post suggested, I thought I'd like to take you guys on a tour and see how my hostel is like :) Mana tahu any of you readers wanna pursue your studies in NTU/NIE and stay in Hall ke! Hehe.

Tadaaaa. So here's Hall 8. This is actually a pathway from the bus stop leading you to the blocks in Hall of Residence 8. There are four blocks here actually, 41-44. And each block has 6 floors. 1st, 3rd and 5th are for males whereas 2nd, 4th and 6th are catered for females :)

And this is my room with my roomie. So contrast right! My side is so pinkish and hers so brown blue blackish. It's really quite spacious since there's only the two of us. But when my mugging mode is on I usually duduk bersila in the centre on the floor with my notes all over. Hehe.

So this is my study table. I'm very particular about it actually, my study table is my nyawa yknow. It's filled with the things and the pictures of the people I love. I get very upset if anyone messes up with my things without my permission. Ok tipu. Actually takde la upset mana pun, kalau kat rumah I don't mind if my sisters wanna take anything tapi yang penting must put back kat tempat asal. If not I will turn into an ugly hulk and you will not like it :P

The bed and Mr Teddy, my companion.

My food stock. Staying in hall makes me realise that it is very important to stock up your food. I can't possibly tapau everyday kan. So at some days kena la makan megi (walaupun honestly I HATE MEGI I SWEAR) I dont eat maggi at home. Like kalau desperate gila for food I'd either starve myself or call McDelivery. Maggi looks.......unappetizing. But staying in hall, tak boleh cerewet la kan? So bear with it. Nyehehe.

My wardrobe yang tak banyak mana pun baju hahaha. Shawl je belambak. Cos I'm the lazy kind, I don't dress up to school, just a plain tshirt and black skirt or pants will do. Except kalau ada presentations or any occasions then I will dress up. Besides, I go back every weekend so I will bring baju from home too lah.

Another is, I have to do my own laundry and keep the room tidy! Like, kalau kat rumah will always take for granted la baju kalau tak sempat cuci nanti ibu cucikan, or bilik kalau bersepah nanti my sister kemaskan. But being here alone, you have to do everything yourself. Kalau tak sapu, berhabuk lah bilik tu, haa selamatlah kau. Heee.

Aside from my hall, there's also this thing called common computer room. This is where I print all my notes cos I don't have printer in my room.

 And this is the study room! I don't usually go here la actually. Cos obviously I have to wear tudung so I'm pemalas like that, I'd rather mug in my room if I'm alone. Will only study here if I have friends to mug with hehe.

Ok lah this is quite a long post. Hahaha. I intended to spend only fifteen minutes and I'm actually here for an hour already oh dear. Got to go for now, time to work on my assignments :D

See you when I see you!

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