Monday, February 25, 2013

A trip to Universal Studios Singapore

Went to USS with my girlfriends last December :) It was beyond daebak! Love the place. Love the rides. Love the food. Love the company especially. I had truckloads of fun!

...oh the roller coaster rides are scary too. But these people I came with are crazy people. So I ended up taking crazy rides that I dont think I will ever take if I were to go with my family hahaha.

Some of the rides that I could remember:

1. Canopy flyer (inverted roller coaster)
This one is gila. Like rabak nye gila ok. It's something like cable car, we're like hanging I dunno how many feet high tapi we're not inside a carriage or anything, we're just seated with our kaki tergantung so we had to take off our shoes in case terjatuh. Dari bawah I saw the ride macam very slow. Like a relaxing ride. So I thought why not, let's try it. Bila dah kat atas, the moment the ride started, I panic already cos the thing move super fast. I still remember the epic conversation I had with my friend here.

Me: Eh talk to me talk to me talk to me
Friend: Ya I'm talking to you 
Me: Faster talk to me!
Friend: Okok I'm talking!
Me: Ohmygod talk to....ARGGGGHHHHHH!

And I screamed for the next 5 minutes or so. This ride is super scary la. I'm scared of heights abeh tergantung macam gituh, then terbalik lagi. Sungguh I will never take this ride anymore. Hahaha. 


2. Enchanted Airways Roller Coaster
This one looks like a kiddy ride cause it's at Far Far Away. I really fell in love with this place. So fairytale-ish. When I got on the ride, the belt is loose so I expected it to be a lepak roller coaster ride. Sekali. SERAM AH PLEASE LAJU GILA TU BENDA. I was literally screaming all the way. I was scared the belt would come off hahaha.

3. Transformers
This one is my personal favourite. It's not really a roller coaster. It's like a 4D thing. We have to sit inside a 'car', it's not stationary lah. It moves cuma jerk backwards/forward. Ada big screeen kat depan. And there was one part we feel as though we're falling from a 40-storey high building. Rasa macam...........fuh, we're flying without wings hahahaha.

4. Revenge of the Mummy
This one kalau on the scale of 'keseraman' it'll be 6 kot. I think we took this ride thrice. It's an indoor roller coaster. Rasa macam nak tercampak tapi memandangkan tempat tu gelap I couldn't see anything so the impact isn't that bad. It's scary in terms of...the place itself is creepy. They talked about the book of the dead and it reminds me of the horror movie I watched before, Evil Dead. And the sound effect pun play a part la. Making scary noises. And it doesn't help that my friends scare me also. Peh. Hahaha.

5. This was the worst ride ever. EVER. I mentally told myself I'm not gonna take this ride even before I sampai Sentosa. But well, my friends, being crazy, forced me to ride it. So we took the red one. Sesungguhnya I could feel my heart jump out of my chest when we're at the peak and going down. Itu dah sampai tahap jerit anak tekak nak terkeluar, ok? Sampai ternangis cause it was super scary the moment I got down the ride, I couldn't feel my legs and I felt faint. Had to find a bench, sit down and get some plain water to calm myself down hahaha. They wanted to take the blue roller coaster next but I told them I'll pass. Im never never ever taking that roller coaster again. This one the tahap keseraman on the scale of 1-10, I'll give 15. Hahahaha.

Didn't take any pictures of the food though. No worries, ada tempat halal and there's a musollah as well! So to those yang belum pergi USS, sila-silalah pergi ok. Tak rugi. Worth your money. Best sesangat :)

Ok I'm done hehe. Till next entry then. Toodles!
Ps: Some photos I took from google btw. Hehe.