Saturday, May 18, 2013

My kind of holiday

1. Universal Studios Singapore

So it's my second time here, with a different group of people. I'm a little bit more...braver this time round hee. Took almost all the rides, the crazy ones, survived Battlestar Galactica, both roller coasters in fact! Not bad Nir not bad. Haha.

Had lots of fun with this bunch of peeps, can't wait for Sabah OCIP trip this June with them :)

2. Singapore Zoological Garden

So the plan was to go to the zoo because a friend of mine wanted so badly to see the lion and panda. It's supposed to be a class outing but only half the class turned up. I really had no idea about this birthday surprise. I was really upset when I saw the cake and party hats and all cause I thought they wanted to celebrate Nabilah's birthday (without telling me!). But then, they're actually celebrating June babies' birthday as well, cheh! Hahaha.

It's three plus in the morning and to be honest as I'm typing this I'm not really thinking haha. Ok lah, goodnight for now. Bubbye!


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