Saturday, July 13, 2013

Because Ops Hijau is here to stay forever in my heart ♥

I'm pretty much hopeless. I can't do things right. I'm scared of a lot of things. I suck at directions. And I'm probably the needy kind of girl people hate.

That's why I've always wondered why in the world did I carik pasal and signed up for this expedition. I'm not a student from NUS. I'm not especially interested in forest and conservation and what nots. I'm not physically active either. My life is pretty boring if you ask, I read books and stay indoors on my free days. So honestly, burning under the hot sun and planting trees is just not my thing. I was even on the verge of pulling out when....let's just say I changed my mind :)

Then I realised I wasn't alone. There's others who joined this expedition for random reasons. Some are passionate about it but some are just like me - unsure why we signed up, contemplating to pull out but stayed anyways. And others are here because...well, just because.

And it made so much sense.

When people from different walks of life gather, there's just too many stories to be shared, to be heard, to be known and to be learnt from.

Perhaps I was destined to be here, along with fifteen others.

Sabah made me a stronger person, inside out. I discovered more things about myself. Facing my fears. Battling my tears. And all that's in between.

And I get to taste the sweetness of ukhuwah too. When we're miles away from our loved ones and we only had each other to fall on, when we shared our deepest secrets and trusting each other not to judge, when we cried under the night sky but we had each other's hand to hold on tight, when we laughed and cheered and sang jiwang songs, I'm gonna miss all that. 

Time will pass us by and in no time we're gonna move on and get busy with our lives. But I'm pretty sure sometime down the road when I reminisce all the good times we had in Sabah, I'm gonna smile with happy tears in my eyes thanking God for blessing me with this bunch of amazing friends I never imagined I'd have.



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