Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back from hiatus

Have been away on hiatus for almost two months now. September was awfully hectic but I had lotsa fun. There's just too much to blog about I don't even know where to start. From abang's farewell to Bulan Bahasa back to back events and then endless presentations before I finally head down to Bangi for Hari Sahabat JS at the end of the month and recently (the first week of Oct) to Bangkok for Reaching The World 2013 Conference.

Yes, t'was that packed alright haha. But yeay October is here, I'm free of commitments hamdan lillah. Ok lah of course I've got essays to submit and one more presentation to clear but hey aside from that, I'm cool. School's manageable I guess.

I remember cikgu once told me in class during JC that once you've cleared A'Levels, university will be chicken feet. While many disagree, I kinda....concur :3 A's thought me a lot on perseverance and time management. A was the depressing period ever, nothing could beat that so far.

Well not year two university, I guess :)

Maybe another post coming, just pictures and captions. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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