Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pictures SPAM

Abang's emotional farewell
Cause he's leaving for Vancouver to further 
his studies there for three years
Me being the clingy sister, of course, teared. Keke.

PBMUKS Malam Anugerah
With my fellow Ops Hijau favourites!

Bahas Raya!
Our annual gathering at Kak Ayu's crib.
With the amazing bunch of debaters!

Bulan Bahasa 2013
This year's events are really gooood :)

Meet The Author Session
Sempena Bulan Bahasa 2013
and the launch of my third novel yeay alhamdulillah!

 Hari Sahabat JS
Went down to Bangi specially for this event keke!

Bangkok: Reaching The World 2013 Conference 

Jalan-jalan di Bangkok
This was taken at Chatucak Weekend Market!


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