Friday, December 06, 2013

Manuscript woes

These days I procrastinate a lot. Especially when it comes to manuscript. I dunno if I'm mentally prepared to go through the tedious cycle all over again. I feel like taking my own sweet time to write, with no deadline whatsoever.

It has been one hectic crazy year.
So for once, I wanna be free from any responsibilities
and take my December slow.

That'll be great.



  1. Assalamualaikum sis.
    i've read two of your books, Ikhlas, A.K! and Nah untuk awak. and i love both. the stories are interesting.
    well, i wanna ask you because i've a problem regarding to write a story. i love to write. ramble and whatever it may be. i just love it. and i think you know how it feels. but, everytime i write a story, i dont know how to stop it. i mean, it maybe because i thought of being perfectionist, but, it's supposed to not happen. sebab makin panjang cerita tu, dia akan makin merepek dan takda penghujung. :(
    i wish at least i can write a story till it find an ending, but i really need some guides how to make it interesting. and sometime i wanna avoid the story to be cliche. what can i do? terkadang teringin nak ada karya sendiri. heee.
    sorry kalau saya merepek. just wanna know better about this. thank you :)


      Hope this article somewhat helps! :)

  2. Wassalam sis,
    Thank you for the question :) Insya Allah, I'll post an entry about writing process and answer your question okies! Wait for it!