Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just another update

It's the the end of week two already. Still trying to get used to the crazy packed schedule. I don't think three school days a week is a good idea. Especially if you have seven modules and they squeeze everything in just three days. 

And it doesn't help that it takes 5 hours in total to travel to and fro each day. Keluar pukul enam pagi lepas pukul sepuluh malam baru balik. By Thursday my energy bar dah hit negative inifinity dah.

Fridays to Sundays are event days pulak (totally excitables for the upcoming events ahead!), as well as clear readings/ assignments/ whatsoever.

And as if my schedule is not tight enough already, I still have the cheek to apply for a part time job. Syabas Nirro, syabas. Come clap for me everyone

On a totally random and unrelated note, I crave for sushi. Siapa mau layan? Heh.


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