Sunday, January 12, 2014


Because IJ groomed me to be who I am today.

IJ taught me to be independent. When I'm the only girl from Al-Maarif kena campak masuk IJ, God knows how nervous I was. IJ witnessed the many times I broke down just because I thought I couldn't fit in.

But I did.
With the help of amazing supportive teachers and cray cray friends, 
I did.

IJ taught me to speak up. When I got thrown in with three other boys to join a debate competition, maigod that was unbelievable. Coming from an all girls school, I didn't think I can work well with the boys.

But I did.
We even emerged as champions for Bahas 4PM 2010! Kita break record Innova JC yang tak pernah jejak finals pun. Not bad, not bad at all. Hahaha.

So if you ask me #whyIJ,
go apply, masuk, experience, baru bebual.
Then you understand what I'm talking about hahahahaha.

Ok seriously speaking.
People always say budak madrasah masuk secular confirm plus chop hancur. But you know what? You can judge me all you want :)

Because I was from a madrasah lah, banyak perkara I took sambil lewa. Prayers time for example. In IJ, kena carik slot untuk solat. Mana ada time slot specially untuk Zohor Prayers ke apa ke. And mana ada proper musollah untuk solat. Kena pandai-pandai carik tempat la.

Masa kat madrasah kalau nak tanya pasal kemusykilan agama, ustazah ada je depan mata. Bila tercampak dekat IJ, pandai-pandai la carik ilmu sendiri. Find out things. It makes you more determined to know God. Macam bila benda tu terhidang depan mata, kita tak perasan. Bila kita sungguh-sungguh carik, baru terasa maknanya. Faham tak?

Going to IJ was never my first, second or third choice. But I have never ever regretted attending that school. There's a reason why He placed me there.

And I will always come back.
Sebab makanan canteen sedap HAHAHAHAHHA.
Ok tu partly the reason la, but I'll come back because of the teachers, because I still wanna contribute to MLEP, because I'm still part of sabitah nova, penerus warisan gemilang :)



  1. :) conversely, as a fellow muslim and having gone through secular schools all my life, i think you've made a really brave choice to continue in IJ. it opens you up to broader perspectives and make you have more contact with our other races, don't you think so? :)

    1. Hello there! Yes yes agreed. Wouldn't be the Nir I am now if not for IJ, the friends I made, the thoughts we shared and all that's in between ahaha :)