Monday, June 09, 2014

Day 1: Ways to win my heart

Honestly the first one is crazy challenging. Ways to win my heart? Apa sia? Ahaha. Ni how Mr Fiancé won my heart or tips for students to win my heart eh? HAHA.

Guess I'm just gonna type whatever comes to my mind first. Just whatever that makes me happy la k hahaha.

So here goes

1. Buy me milo kotak
When my dad passed away my girlfriends stock up my fridge with cartons of milo kotak. They know it'll make me feel better somehow.

Milo kotak is never a bad idea. Really.

2. Write me poems
Poetry fascinates me. From Pablo Neruda to W. H. Auden to Chairil Anwar, Mosyuki Borhan and Alfian Saat. I can literally feel my heart swelling whenever I read poems.

But then if you can't write's okay. You can always read them to me.

Eh. But actually on second thoughts macam pelik je you read them to me. I can read myself so you can just skip this part altogether okaybye. 

Or alternatively you can write me notes. I think I love notes, from students especially. Sincere notes thanking me and what nots. So sweet kan. I still keep them all in a box :3

3. Buy me stuff with floral motif or Eiffel Tower 

My girlfriends once said it's super easy to get me gifts. Anything floral is me. Anything with Eiffel Tower is me. Settle already. Ahahaha

4. Go on adventures with me

I'm a scaredy-cat actually haha kental but I like to challenge myself. I'm afraid of heights but I don't mind trying bungee jumping. I don't like running but I wanna try paint ball. I'm afraid of cats but I don't mind keeping one (as long as it's cute - I'm talking about munchkin cats - and you do all the maintenance, I tengok je from far so ok can) 

Ok last part dah digress. I'm talking about adventure. What about adventure?

Basically. I like to try something new, go somewhere foreign, take risks and get lost. Sekian.

5. Fangirl with me 

Oooooooooooooo. I fangirl a lot HAHA. Basically if you and I fangirl over the same things means we've got something in common to talk about which also means you and I can fangirl together-gether. Ok? My fangirling list is endless but there's one who stayed dah quite some time.

Louis Tomlinson from 1D.

Well. In other words if you know me enough, you'll know I fangirl over 1D. Kbye.


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