Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 11: Your family

The topic is so broad I really really really dunno what to talk about. I'm supposed to post this entry yesterday but I got stuck. Haha. This was taken in 2010 by the way. Our last Eid together as a complete family :)

First up. My late father. Picture taken in 2009 when I was 16. We don't have that much photos. Zaman dulu where got selfie selfie all heh. He would've been 50 this year. He told me once, boys will break your heart so jangan cari boyfriend kalau takde intention nak kahwin. He told me this when I was 17, I think. That was the year I started befriending boys because I was from an all girls' school. At 17 I transferred masuk Innova Junior College. Dah la co-ed, secular somemore. Memang haruslah risau kot ahahahahaha

This is my preeedy maderrrrrrrr. Picture taken during Eid last year. She's prolly the most laid back person ever. She never restrict my movements, never set curfews, let me do whatever I want and go wherever I wanna go. It hits me at the age of twenty ibu gave me way too much freedom I don't even know how she did that. Honestly though, I can never be like her. The way I control my sisters (seriously, I don't like people questioning my whereabouts but when it comes to my sisters if they wanna go anywhere they have to go through me hahah), I foresee myself being a super over protective mother someday hahaha

Meet Syafiq, my punching bag. My big bully. My saviour. I have so many things to say about him but I'll keep it short and sweet, he's the reason why I believe in fairytale happy endings. Because he is prince charming. 

Oh by the way he is single and available and looking for someone by the way HAHAHAHA

Meet Mai, my PA. If I've got events/photoshoots/interviews I'll drag her with me. Oh yes, she's also the best listener ever. I will always go to her for advice e.g 'pakai baju colour apa, pink or blue?' if she say blue I will eventually choose pink and then she will silently curse me but that's the way I roll hahahaha.

This is Syira, the annoying one. Ayah used to say she completes our family. But now I see it differently. She's here to accompany ibu when ayah's gone :)



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