Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 12: Five attractive guys

I shall rename the challenge to five celebrity crushes. My blog my pasal. Hahahaha. But well, if I don't find them attractive obviously I won't crush on them whaaaaaaaaat.

Kris Allen
Crush when I was 16
Status: Over it

Doo Joon
Crush when I was 17
Status: I'm over kpop wave

Kim Hyun Joong
Crush when I was 18
Status: Been too long since I watched KDramas, prolly will fangirl again if I find a nice drama haha

Louis Tomlinson
Crush when I was 19
Status: Still crushing --> this is my wallpaper by the way HAHA

Theo James
Crush when I was 20
Status: Still crushing 


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