Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 15: Your zodiac

According to the zodiac sign, I'm a cancerian. Honestly though I'm not a fan of zodiac signs. But let's try this one out.

The Cancer Personality

  • Cancers have a high energy. --> LOL on the contrary I think I am pemalas level infinity.
  • Cancers have high degrees of motivation. However, when things are not working easily, they may find themselves retreating and putting the project aside. --> I think not. I don't put the project aside. I will just get pissed when things don't go my way. But I'll figure out something. Hahaha. 
  • They are creative and imaginative, always looking for something entertaining to them. This may be a new book, adding sparkles to a notebook, and/or just anything else that strikes them as fun. --> No. I'm not an artsy fartsy person.
  • What makes them unique is that Cancers like to explore the uncommon, the out-of-the-ordinary things. --> Yessss I love adventures!
  • Cancers love to focus on their home, which is tend to be decorated with an eclectic, but always fun, sense of style. --> I have no say about the house, but my room yes. I decorate my room cause I spend most of my time doing work here. So it must be comfortable whattttt
  • Cancers make wonderful teachers or writers; for they are always seeing things from a different perspective. --> I AM BOTH HAHAHA
  • They are usually introverts, but once they're comfortable in a situation, are lively and outgoing. --> This just happened yesterday. Being thrown in a group of strangers, I was initially quiet. But then as we do more things together, I got noisier and noisier. And more annoying hais
  • A Cancer does best when they follow their own intuition, rather than follow what others think is best for them. They can be sensitive, both in feelings and intuition. --> I think I do consider what people say but at the end of the day whatever makes me happy will be my pick.
  • When a Cancer is in a situation that they are unhappy with, you can expect them to retreat, or come out with both claws flying. Cancers can be unpredictable in this manner. --> Most of the time I retreat though. I can't shut people up but I can shut them out. Seriously. I can. And yeah I don't like to argue but when I do (which is really, very rare), I go all out. That's why I rarely speak up my thoughts when I disagree, cause when I do it'll be pretty ugly. I'd rather layankan sebab malas nak gaduh.
So I guess there's a fair share of yeses and no? Hahaha.


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