Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 3: A book you love

Tough one la. I read a lot, how to pick just one? And I'm not the kind of person who loves a book so much that I re-read it sampai lunyai. Usually dah baca sekali, letak balik dekat shelf, settle. I do think about it afterwards, I do belek the books for quotes sometimes but I don't recall re-reading them (as in for leisure purpose lah, kalau for exams memang haruslah baca berkali-kali sampai hafal, kan).

Soooooooo nak bebual pasal buku apa ni?

Okay got it. I'll talk about a book I've read back in 2008. I've only read it once but if I can still remember some scenes clearly, the book must've mean something eh? Haha.

Tentang Dhiya by Syud

This is the first JS book I ever read. And I fell in love instantly because I love how the language flows, a mixture of English and Malay here and there. It's just so real, macam the way kita bebual. Obviously kan siapa bebual full malay in normal daily conversation? I know if I start speaking Malay it's gonna be so rigid because to speak Malay fluently I'll have to use bahasa Melayu baku. And trust me, you'll laugh. 

What else?
Hmm. I don't only love the language used but the characters too. They are all super animated please! The focus isn't just on the hero and heroine but the friends semua pun ada peranan to make the story more light hearted and funny and cute and much more. I must not elaborate, karang keluar analisis watak dan perwatakan pulak haha. I just looooooooooooove them all la. And I still remember the lead's name okay. Azril Mustaufi aka Taufufa. I had a crush on him for the longest time.

'You stepped on this.'
'My heart.'

I really can't remember the exact words but somewhere along those lines ah. That was how Azril confessed to Lisa haha. *pengsan*

Okay dah. Tu je. Sekian. I'm done with Day 3. Tooodles.

Ps: For this 30 days I'm just gonna blog whatever comes to my mind first okies. My train of thoughts are usually in singlish so pardon my language :3



  1. Rindu nak baca buku ni! One of my favs too. Suka sangat dengan buku yang Syud tulis :)

    1. Kannnnnnn! Hopefully she's writing again, rindu her works! :(

  2. and actually i could still remember the first time we met Nir. hhahahahaha

    1. omgggggggg hahaha why are you reading my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ps: TAUFUFA TAUFUFA TAUFUFA hahahahahah