Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 5: Things you wanna say to an ex

Wah lau eh.

This topic eh, killing me softly or what. Makin me dig up the past as if it never haunts me enough haha


First thing's first. In case you're wondering, lol yeah I do have an ex. Just one. I'd say our relationship was pretty weird. We didn't go on dates, neither did we talk on the phones for hours. T'was a LDR, we lasted for about two years or so, with approval from both our parents of course (yeah we were that serious maybe that's why it hurts like the devil haha).

Anyways. Don't wanna elaborate further so let's move on from here. What are the things I wanna say to an ex, eh?

I think the things I wanna say range from

I wanna throw rocks at your pretty face mannnnn 
I thought I saw a future with you

But then I realized I have no rights to say all those because I asked for that break up. It was me alright.

Honestly though, 

I didn't leave you, you know.
But you didn't give me a reason to stay.
So I walked away.

I waited.
For hours.
For days.
And the best part of it all, you didn't chase after me.

That's how I figured where I stand in your life.

So you see,

I didn't give up.
You just didn't give me a reason to fight.

What's there left for me, anyways?

In any case, I hope you're happier now, wherever you may be.
Because I am.

I truly am.


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