Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 7: Five pet peeves

1. When people hegeh-hegeh waste time 

The easiest way to set my blood boiling is when you take your own sweet time to do things while everyone else is rushing. I'm always on the go and I need to get things done fast. Especially those who love doing things at the twelfth hour --> kalau buat kerja individual, seriously, you tanak buat pun takpe but if it's gonna affect other people, tolonglah be considerate. People with no sense of urgency annoys me a lot (though I always try my bestest to not explode hahah.)

2. When people order me around

You're no king, I don't take orders from you. Chey. Hahahha. But seriously though, I personally think the tone matters. I really won't mind if you ask me to do things, you know. Ask and order tuh dua benda yang berbeza, okay? If you ask me to help you, I'd be more than glad to. But if you tell me to do this and do that, suka-suki perintah orang, kirim salam je la kay? Sok-sok bley.

3. When people force me to explain myself

Ni contoh la.

"Mana kau pergi? Asal kau lambat?"

I, WILL NOT, EVER, EXPLAIN. I will just say sorry. Settle. Malas nak putar belit satu alam cakap pergi mana buat apa dengan sapa. Tak kuasaaaaaaaa. I hate it, I swear. I'm the kind of person who won't bother to answer back. Because I malas nak explain dan malas nak gaduh.

4. When people are so pessimistic

I think it's fine to be negative once in awhile. I mean, semua orang ada down days pe. Tapi kalau 24/7/365 pun negative, bila mau game bro? Give up la gini.

But in the case where you really cannot help it and have to feel negative and shitty for 365 days straight, it's your pasal. Just don't get me involved. Okay? I can't tolerate pessimists when it comes to projects and proposals and whatnots. It definitely doesn't help if you tell me/us 'I think we're not gonna make it' and not do anything about it. Whoaaaaaaaaaa. Hold that thought right there.

Perangai gini last warning ah eh. Balik, duduk rumah je k? K.

5. When people are too clingy

I cannot. Sumpah I cannot. One of the reasons why my past relationship failed...


pasal ni la.

hahahahaha. kdah.

Phewh. Day 7 DONE.


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