Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 8: What you ate today


I skipped it.


Cause there's nothing in the fridge and Syira was hungry, took her to Tampines Mart and accompanied her makan at KFC. Wasn't hungry so we ordered just a meal. Had some of her Banditto Pocket and cheese fries.


Did a little bit of grocery shopping after that KFC meal. Cooked Japanese curry, shiitake in oyster sauce and fried some chicken fillet. That's what I had for dinner.


Met up my girlfriends at this Thai restaurant near Arab Street for a catch up sesh. They had dinner there, but I came just for dessert. Wanted mango sticky rice but they only had durian. I had that anyways. And Thai Iced Tea too.

I could've just typed what I ate but I dunno why I extra rajin want to tell story all. HAHA. Prolly cause it's 243am right now and I'm wide awake. Of course la wide awake, I had rice again at 1 plus am tadi. Baik Niro. Come clap for me ahaha


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