Thursday, August 07, 2014

Day 25: Something you're currently worrying about

When I saw this topic yesterday, I already thought of what to blog about. My schedule for next semester. Year 3 starts next week yet the management has yet to release our timetable. Mana tak risau. I have so many things to plan out, kalau satu sangkut yang lain semua sangkut hahah.

But anyways, my worry is void now cause timetable's already released at 5pm today. 

So my next worry is figuring out how to sort out my job and my studies and tutoring and other events and stuff so that they don't clash. Yes, I have a job. Yes, at the same time I am still studying. Oh yes, I tutor too. And I do volunteering as well as managing events. Gila kan?

Memang gila. My classmates always comment on my mad time management skills hahahaha. Penat memang penat but I love keeping myself occupied. I don't like being idle. Entah eh. That's how I roll kot?


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