Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Curfews? What's that?

It was half past one in the morning. Was at Simpang Bedok with my good friends. Catching up on each other's lives and stuff. It's been almost a year since we last met, okay? And we hardly communicate on whatsapp. That prolly explains why there's so many things to update each other about lol.

So one said to me, "You're the kind of person I'd expect to have curfews."

No lah. I never had curfews. My parents are the kind yang give me freedom as long as I tell them where I go, what I do and with who. And I've never misused their trust. I will always always keep them updated about my whereabouts (telling ibu in advance is of no use after all cause she doesn't usually keep track,  I don't blame her cause my schedule's a mess 
--> which reminds me, she told me to get a board and write down my weekly schedule so she can refer to that haha)

But what the other friend said kinda struck a chord in me.

She said, "Tengok je, start next year confirm got curfew."

Oh. Da kawen kena ada curfew eh


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