Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 29: 5 weird things about you

This is tough. I'm typical. So there's nothing really weird about me kot?
Here's some that I can think of though.

1. I talk to myself out loud
Sometimes I don't mean it. Heck, most of the times I don't mean it. I just happen to speak my thoughts out loud. My sister always catch me doing that. Sometimes while dish washing, sometimes while eating.

2. I don't fancy cats
Ya you all can go on and on about how cute cats can be yada yada yada. I don't deny, cats are totally adorable. But I've a bad experience when it comes to cats. That's why I tend to stay away from them. It's safer that way I guess.

3. I can only write when I'm sad
Maybe that's why I haven't been writing. Cause I've been happy. I'm not saying I wanna get my heart broken just to write la. I'd rather not. But taktau eh, I can't seem to write when I'm happy. Maybe cause I write as a form of escapism. Hence I can only write when I'm really upset? Haha.

4. I hate blueberries 
Especially blueberry syrup. I love blue but blue doesn't look really good on drinks. Disgusting ok?

5. I can't stomach instant noodles
If I really can't make time to cook, I'll buy. But most of the time I'll cook my own dinner, like anyhow sembarang campak also can. Asalkan not maggi. And usually I'll stock up Campbell soup so in case I lazy wanna cook I just have soup. Hahah.

Not weird enough but whatever lor. Like I already said, I'm pretty much normal hahah.


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