Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 30: One thing you're excited for

This semester, recess week coincides with Alsagoff's holiday which means I'm totally free. Not working. Not volunteering. Not schooling. No commitment for that entire week. No. Nothing at all.

So siapa tak excited kan? :D
I have things lined up. I wanna go watch movies. I wanna go take the luge. I wanna go grab my Gelare waffles and ice cream. I wanna go have fun and be happy, live life to the fullest teeheeee. Life is too short to drown in sadness so might as well be merry anyways.

And of course, I thank Allah for this bliss. Hamdelillah :D

Oh finally.Today marks the end of 30 day challenge that took me almost 3 months HAHAH.

I've got another challenge waiting. Next entry insyaAllah! Excitables!


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