Friday, October 03, 2014

03: A song that reminds you of your parents

UNIC - Lafaz Yang Tersimpan

I think this song means a lot to me. It's about loving your parents.
It's about don't wait for the twelfth hour to tell them you love them.
It's about

Kenapa macam susah nak explain gitu eh?
Haha. Korang dengar la sendiri. Settle.
(I suggest you all go play this song - plug in - close your eyes - listen to the lyrics)

The song reflects my life story actually.
Blogged about it before, can read it here
Hurt is also another good song I can never listen to without crying hahaha.

That's why I get very uncomfortable when people are rude to their parents and stuff. I know la, growing up kita semua angsty pe. Rebel and all. I've been there. And I don't want people (my students, especially) to repeat the mistakes that I did. That's why I always use this song as my teaching material during class. Or whenever I got invited to give a talk or conduct workshops. This song evokes emotion. It makes people cry. That's my aim. To make people cry. HAHA. But really la, I'd rather see them cry now. Not when it's too late.

During my practicum previously, I made my Sec 3s close their eyes. I switched off the lights. Made the classroom super dark. Asked them to think of someone close to them. Someone who has always been there through their ups and their downs. Someone who never gave up on them. Someone they don't wanna lose. (Then I say, eh awak semua jangan fikir matair pulak eh please)

Once I set the mood, I played this song. Asked them to pay attention to the lyrics. 15 year olds memang angsty kan? Sikit-sikit nak mengamuk sikit-sikit nak rebel. So when they're done wiping their tears after I played this song, I made the kids write a heartfelt letter to their parents. A letter of thanks, gratitude, appreciation - whatever -

And so during my last lesson, on my last day of practicum, I returned them back these.

This is just 5 out of 30 letters I think

I said

There will come a time where you will be very disappointed with your parents. You will be mad. Extremely mad. The kind of mad that makes you wanna rebel, wanna talk back, wanna run away and all. 

But before that happens, take out this letter. And remind yourself of all the good things your parents have done. Remind yourself of all the love they showered for you.

Till then, keep it. 

You'll never know when you'll need this.

Rule #1
Kalau nak berjaya dalam hidup
be defiant towards your parents.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, remember?

And I really hope I managed to put my point across.



  1. I love this song too because it reminds me of my parents

  2. I love this song too because it simply remind me of my parents