Sunday, October 26, 2014

A start

Last Tuesday was the first Adhoc kenal-suai meeting, in which I am the head for the project. Before I managed to introduce myself, my Vice Head actually asked.

"Are you in Year 1?"

I wanted to laugh. My friends always say I live in my own cave. I guess it's true. If not for this event, rasanya memang sampai grad tak kenal orang kot. Hahahahahhaha

I'm hardly involved in NTU/NIE events. I think I mentioned this before. The very first time I decided to help out for their Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC) when I was in Year 1, I got involved in an accident. The second time, when I was in Year 2, I volunteered as station master for FOC (ibu bising sebab tak serik-serik dah accident pun nak tolong lagi), I fell ill. Now in Year 3, I almost sign up for Overseas Expedition but the date clashes with my wedding date so I've to pull out. Hahais.

It's not my entire fault kot? Memang takde rezeki nak kenal orang :')
Though honestly saya tak pandai nak berkenalan, saya ni anti social actually HAHA

Right now I'm actually quite nervous for tomorrow. It's gonna be my first time ever chairing a meeting. Ok lah, I'm quite involved in events before but usually I'm the head of a sub-comm. But this time I'm the head of the whole project. Macam wow hahah.

Tanggungjawab berat weh

Macam tiba-tiba fikir balik
why did I sign up for this

(jujur cakap I didn't sign up, I got dragged somehow, I signed up for head pubs, they promoted me to be vice head and when I got the final appointment letter I got the head's position)

I need to manage my expectations and other people's expectations.
My worst fear is making enemies.
Or making people hate me :(
I can be quite bossy sometimes hais.
Gotta tone that down maha rabaknye.

May Allah ease. Bismillah.


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