Saturday, October 04, 2014

My kind of recess week

Ustazah Su'aidah shared, "do not quarrel because that is one of the reasons yang keraskan hati kita" (I don't quarrel, when I get mad I walk away and leave matters unsettled and that's not a very good option either)

Collected EOY exam papers but I've yet to start marking 107 literature essays --> belum kira kefahaman, karangan lagi (fellow teachers do you feel my pain)

Found out Botanical Gardens, Zoological Gardens and Gardens by the Bay are three different things (I swear I don't know there's such thing as Botanical Garden mrt station?? So when we had to meet at Nassim Gate, Botanical Gardens I was like where on earth is that?!)

Tried out new eateries (the cakes at Delicious are just so gooood)

Almost choked eating Spicy Coconut icecream (its like, eating an entire chunk of wasabe?!)

Got lost trying to find Royal Scotts Hotel (what's new)

Almost died watching Annabelle

Jaw literally dropped throughout The Maze Runner (and I actually said ohmygod out loud and Echa was like, Nir takde kuat lagi ke? hahah)

Gave up queueing for Gelare waffles cause it's too crazy long

Stomach, heart and everything else flipped while on the skyride (And I actually macam confident wanted to try MegaZip tapi naik skyride je dah setengah mati???)

Embarrassed myself cause I wore the helmet terbalik when I wanted to take the luge (how selenge was that?!)

Spent the night at Marina Barrage just HTHT-ing with my besties from JC days

"Once you have a crush for someone you will always have a soft spot for them" That, my friend, made me stay up all night. I wish you well. Please?


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