Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Move Along

School's out so that can only mean one thing


So here's one more post for today.

1. I'm quite surprised that I received quite a number of emails from y'all asking about my twitter/facebook accounts. I didn't realise that you all actually bother. Really really. Hais, I veh touched you knoww :')

Like I mentioned in my reply, I'm happier sans those. Y'all can catch me here or on IG though. I'm always here. And there. And yes of course, via emails. Hahahaha

2. I cleared up my wardrobe last week. Okay, one of my wardrobes. I have two actually. One for casual wear and the other, clothes for hari raya/kenduri kawen.

I actually got rid 3/4 of my casual wear! I gave them all away to Muhammadiyah Welfare Home. That's quite an achievement. I need to make space for uh, future hubs. So there goes all my baju hahahais

3. Went to The Editor's Market two days ago. MAD LOVE FOR THAT SHOP, OKAY? They have tonnes of knitted tops of different shades. I was so close to buying everything. But alas I didn't. Well for one, gaji belum masuk hahah. Two, that'll defeat the purpose of me clearing up my wardrobe, kan? Gahhhhhhh.

Future hubs, can I have a walk in wardrobe at our new place later? 
Oh tak eh. Kbai.

4. I have a manuscript due this weekend. I'm supposed to write 40 pages tonight. I'm at page 17 though. Sekarang tengah break. I think I can manage. Uh, no, not just think, I do have faith in myself. Hahah.

5. Was planning my timeline for 2015 the other day. Just thinking of 2015 can make me sesak nafas already. First half of it is already filled to the brim!

Bahas Sek Menengah
IJ 10th Anniversary
Bahas 4PM
Projek Dana Al-Maarif
Memories To Keep


And ibu pesan itu hari, kak can you try not to be busy next year? Hahahahahaha


It's okay Niro, you've got this.


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