Monday, December 01, 2014

A December to remember

I cleared my #projekmaarif manuscript at half past midnight this morning. Complete with my editing and footnotes and references all. Alhamdulillah!

Think I'll share a little bit in my next blog post insyaAllah. About struggles of a Maarifian in a Junior College. I guess that part I can share la cause personal experience mah. Other parts, based on other people's experiences (I mean, poly life la preu life etc) so that one just wait till the book's out okay? Hopefully lepas la, don't wanna do too much editing also haha.

Anyways. Just when I was about to switch off my laptop and sleep, my sister came and said

Kak, go write your English manuscript la

I was like, the heck?? I just finished my #projekmaarif and you want me to write somemore? Are you tryna kill me? So I explained

Kan I dah cakap that one I write in December

And she happily replied

Kak, it's already December

The effffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I just realised, it's December already. Wow. Time flies.

Oh on a totally unrelated note, I was bloghopping when I came across this personality test website and wow, it's pretty apt on so many levels.

I'm the Reliable Realist. How about you?


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