Friday, December 12, 2014

Do more of what makes you happy

I feel rather accomplished today. Got my hands on fluff cuppies for my DPI kids and family (the bandung cupcake is seriously daebak), had sastera make-up lesson, did grocery shopping, vet through some documents for approval (I'm uber grateful my Zoombara people are all on task), whipped Japanese curry, fried chicken fillet and omelette for dinner and got ibu her maha advanced birthday present.

Ibu's expression when she found out what I got her was priceless. She actually cried and I was like eh alamak don't drama but she cried somemore and I ended tearing up too.

I got her tickets to Anuar Zain concert's HAHAHA. She's a big fan of this guy and he's coming to town this February and his concert is just a day before ibu's birthday. So why not?

Anyways. Catchin Babadook with Mai in a bit. Yeay


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