Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

As kerek as this may sound, I managed to fulfil my 2014 resolutions (biiznillah, of course heheh)

1) To get a job 

I haven't been working for so long (apart from giving tuition la haha). The last proper job I had was in 2011, the year after ayah passed away and I had to get pocket money for my own survival hahah. Lepastu while waiting for A'Level results I gave Econs and Lit tuition (omg speaking of Econs, I really miss that subject). 

Life was pretty much easier when I entered university cause I was on scholarship. But I no longer get monthly allowance once I started Year 3 so I had to figure out how to foot the bill.

Unexpectedly, my lecturer asked if I could teach literature in a madrasah. Of course I said yes haha. It has always been my life time goal to contribute back to the madrasah community. And hamdan lillah, I didn't have to wait long to fulfil my dreams!

2) To go backpacking and travel somewhere beyond Southeast Asia

I figured I can never go backpacking. I'm the kind of girl who'll drag luggages along cause I pemalas level one million hahah. I can never travel light. So I'll take backpacking off my list forever.

But Projek Melbourne was indeed a very nice experience. Just me and Ficks exploring the city for a week. I really miss the weather there. Tak sejuk gila and tak panas, t'was just nice :)

3) To pick up new skills

I finally picked up the ukulele abang bought for me and learn to play. I can play several songs already (maha simple ones like I'm Yours, Rude and The Show) Yeay!

I still don't how to ride a bicycle or how to swim or how to drive though. Ibu has been pestering me to take driving license but I don't think I dare to. Not now, not ever. I pray that someday I'm rich enough to pay chauffeur services hahahahahaha (but seriously, say amin)

I've yet to think of my 2015 resolutions. I'll think about it tonight hahah. Have a good year ahead guys!

Kullu 'am wa antum bi kheir, insyaAllah.



  1. Samalah kita Nir. I don't think I'll get driving license dengan sikap yang sangat gelabah dan cepat panik ni. heheh.

  2. Hahahahah! High five! I pulak selalu sesat! So kalau drive, parah nanti heh