Friday, December 26, 2014

Honest Thoughts

Only Khai can drag me out of bed on a rainy day by saying 'get out and get some fucking fresh air damn it.' What is Khai without vulgarities (but then again what would I do without you)

We can never end poverty if there are still people out there who purchase paintings at 80 million per piece. Kaya sangat meh bagi saya duit tu, saya tolong pass kat welfare home.

'You keep lowering down your standard, when are you going to stop?' I don't know man. When people actually care to keep up with my pace kot.

Marriage of convenience is an evil thing. What if someday you fall for someone, for real? Whatchu gonna do? Chuck your spouse aside cause you've finally found your true love?

To witness someone dear to me going through the divorce process breaks my heart. The fact that I was there during their engagement, their wedding and now their divorce, pains me even more. 

Cepatnya hati manusia berubah. Dah dapat, buang. Sedih. People stop trying when they get what they want kan?

Bluntly said, looks or brain? Sapau je tak guna. I prioritize brain.


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