Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Random Ramblings

1. Bahas 2015 schedule was released yesterday. I'm quite touched that the management actually blocked three weeks to make way for my wedding (a week before, the actual week and the week after just to ensure bahas preps don't clash with my wed preps). Which in other words also mean I cannot run away from duties la, kan? Hahah.

2. I've been wondering how to tell my sup that I cannot commit to teach in Alsagoff in 2016. I feel awfully guilty about it and I don't know how to drop the bomb. I mean, I could try but I wouldn't wanna risk it. And yesterday my sup told me I need not take up the new batch that comes in 2015. Which means, I just need to focus on the current batch until they graduate. Itu dah cukup untuk buat saya rasa lega sangat-sangat, okay? Alhamdulillah.

3. 'Saya hampa cikgu deactivate twitter, kenapa cikgu deactivate???' was what my Alsagoff girls greeted me with yesterday when I came in to class. One less avenue to stalk me eh kiddos? Hahaha.

4. Ibu thinks I'm dieting for the wedding and that I'm turning anorexic. Just because I skip meals and I check my weight on a daily basis. On a serious note though,

a) I don't actually skip meals to diet. I miss meals because I have no time to eat hahahaha
b) I will never go on a diet for a wedding (or for whatever cause), I'm way past the diet phase and I'm never going there again
c) The weighing scale is placed conveniently right outside the bathroom so how can I not stop and check (it's interesting to see how my weight fluctuates every single day, I was 49kg the other week, 46kg few days ago, 47kg yesterday, I'm not too sure about today though HAHA)

5. I had the sweetest dream last night. I was actually frustrated that the alarm woke me up. Potong betul chet!

You'd prolly realise by now that I have a habit of numbering things down. That's how my brain works. I need lists to function at my optimum level hahahaha. Okdah.

Have a good day peopur!


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