Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Staycation: Lloyd's Inn

2D1N with my llahvly lladies at Lloyd's Inn. 

Our schedule's so rabak we could only afford a full strength gathering 5 months before my wedding. 

Amimi flew to Swiss for her exchange programme right after the staycation, Nin will be heading to China two weeks before my wedding and Ficky leaving for Padang 3 days before. And Echa, leaving for London to further her studies in Oxford after that. I guess it pays to be smart. They go everywhere hahah. When iz mah turn zzz hahais

Anyway. Photo spam begins here.

The bathroom is outdoor okay? Kes boleh mandi hujan sekali. And the divider is transparent! The silly me walked straight and knocked myself against the glass divider.

We went crazy international. We had Vietnamese food for lunch, Western for dinner, skipped breakfast the next day because we were too lazy to go down, and then we had Korean for lunch and Indian food for dinner. 

Highlight for the staycation was gift exchange. Aside from souvenirs from Ficks cause she just got back from Amsterdam, we played this game whereby we had to buy gifts for one another  and then we had to guess who bought what for who. Okay tak paham takpe malas nak explain hahah.

Meet my homies (clockwise): Ficky, Echa, Nadia, Amimi, Nin, Raidah, Ha, Qees. 14 years of friendship still going strong. Abadan abada hatta yaumul qiamah, insyaAllah :)

Reason why we skipped breakfast: Too busy singing (spot Taufik #awakkatmane)

Bills at the end of the day

My favouritest korean meal: Bimbimbap yeay!

Sent Amimi to the airport on Sunday night. It was the same day that QZ8501 was reported missing. I guess the atmosphere was pretty solemn. But we could only pray. 

Whatever happens, it's beyond our control. Maybe it's His way to remind us that we could only do so much, at the end of the day it's Him who decides. Kun fayakun, kan?

Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi raji'un. May Allah ease our affairs. Amin.


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