Friday, December 05, 2014

Struggles of a Maarifian girl in a Junior College

1. No tudung

Obviously the toughest part is this. You get judged by everyone in the society for choosing this path. Because it's a government school and government school means no headgear. For ditching the Madrasah system and turning secular.

Yet we religiously change to and out of abaya before and after school. Sarung jubah over uniforms, while wearing sports shoes! Pakai tudung fast game. Getting stares from people like we're alien with two heads.

2. Mixing with the other species

We grew up in an all-girls environment. From Primary 1 all the way till Secondary 4. We've never had male teachers.

Personally speaking, the males I've 'encountered' are my brother and my father. Aje. Okay plus my grandfathers and my distant cousins la. So I felt crazy uncomfortable when I get male tutors for MLL (Malay Language and Literature) and GP (General Paper). Oh and Chemistry too. They think I'm quiet but truthfully I'm not, I'm just...shy? Hahahah.

3. Mixing with people from other races

I swear I had a hard time pronouncing their names ok? But in all, I don't actually make friends from other races? Hahaha maybe cause I took MLL in JC, and now in Uni I specialize in MLL. So all my friends by default are Malays la kan hahaha


Ni satu azab. Dah lah zaman Al-Maarif takde PE. PE pun setakat main-main je. JC terus kena lari 2.4km every lesson. Kadang-kadang 3km. Depends, tengok PE teacher mood baik ke tak hari tu. Tak mati? I can run fast but I can't run long distance.

NAPFA was the death of me, honestly.

5. Getting accustomed to questions from both, muslims and non-muslims such as

a) asal kau solat kat sekolah, balik rumah boleh qada' pe
b) kalau aku kentut puasa batal tak
c) solat jumaat wajib eh
d) when you wear that headgear on, can you hear me
e) budak madrasah boleh date budak secular tak?

And all sorts of ridiculous questions. Ni true story okay. Question (e) is quite popular though. Hahahahaha.

I'll stop at five. Till then,


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