Sunday, December 07, 2014

Writers bleed words

1. I already know what to research on for my masters when I'm not even done with my degree. The thing is, my forte lies in lit but I'm thinking of doing masters in linguistics. Cita-cita tinggi, kan? I know. I surprise myself too, sometimes.

2. After deciding NOT to go France, two weeks ago my lecturer emailed me asking me to consider the offer. It took a lot in me to fight the temptation hahaha. I couldn't sleep for several nights! Hahais. So I listed down the consequences. It's actually pretty obvious that the cons outweigh the pros. So now, lillah, I will let it go. No rezeki, khalas. I shall not dwell on this matter again, come what may.

3. I always overestimate myself. Like thinking I could complete a 5k word essay within 3 hours. Or writing 100 pages worth of manuscript within 5 days. But when I do achieve them, I realize,
hey, I actually underestimate myself. I figured that I work faster under pressure. Though I might compromise on the quality bit, but I get things done and out of my way eventually under time constraint.

Not bad ah Niro? Not bad at all.

On a serious note, the struggle to finish Memories To Keep is real. 24 more days left. 293 more pages to go. I need to hide in a cave pronto


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