Sunday, January 04, 2015

Okay next

The influx of maha wordy blog posts is due to the fact that I have so much free time at home and I'm embracing it with open arms. The only thing I've been doing the past week is cooking cleaning washing reading watching movies sleeping. It feels so good to not have any plans. This is the life, man.

Was discussing about sponsorship for the upcoming event when Khai and Luqman suddenly suggested, "Kau tak nak mintak MLLPC sponsorship untuk kau punya wedding? Confirm lepas." Gilaaa? Siapa mau layan.

School is starting soon, in a week or so. Taking 4 modules this semester and out of the 4, only 2 are examinable ones. Other people pilih modules based on lecturer senang bagi A or not, I choose modules based on what interests me. I mean, I don't mind risking my grades and learn something that'll benefit me instead of masuk kelas, hafal sampai mabuk, ambik exam muntahkan semua balik. Boring, okay?

And speaking of school, I bumped into Cikgu Fuad last two weeks. The first few questions he asked wasn't, "Awak apa khabar?" but rather, "Results dah keluar kan? GPA macammana?"
Hamboi. Direct gila cikgu. So I answered, "3.8."
And his immediate reply was? "That's a B. Work harder."

Ewahhhhhhhhhhh. Dah keluar IJ pun cikgu masih ahhhhhh nak push orang. Sungguh taktau nak terharu ke tak :')

Oh. Ni last.
I got stuck watching Istikharah Cinta. Mati la.
Zul Ariffin, handsome sangat kenapa?


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