Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Perbayu Gatsby

It took me a month trying to figure out what to wear. And I only decided a day before the event. I found this long dress that ibu had sewn for me 8 years ago. And I'm really surprised that the dress is super longgar! Actually I shouldn't be surprised la haha. I was mokmok last time. Hahah.

On the morning of the event, I called up the guys to remind them about the event (sebab diorang kalau tak paksa tak jalan). Dengan penuh sardin depa jawab, "Jap nak carik baju. Aku taktau apa nak pakai."

WHAT THE FISH HEAD CURRY? I called them at like, 7am??? And the event is like, 12pm??? Boys are amazing. Come I clap for you guys

So the annoying me started nagging. And the kurang asam reply was, "Kalau kau bukan head kau pun tak datang, so diam."


It's the truth though. I've always dislike big events. It makes me feel awkward. I'm not a social butterfly but whenever I have to attend these kind of things, I have to be super friendly and engage in small talks. Nirrosette is like that. Munirah isn't. Trust me, there's a difference. Hahaha

On a serious note, my Zoombara comm members are uber task oriented it makes me feel super thankful. For example, orang cakap due Friday, Thursday dah settle. Always ahead of time seh. I'm a happy happy girl yeay!

Photo spam starts here teehee :3


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