Monday, April 27, 2015


Ever since I was young, abang has trained me to be independent. His favourite line "nanti kalau abang dah takde, macammana?" comes in handy every single time. We both know one fine day abang has to leave to serve National Service and me, being the crazy clingy sister (back then we're broken up into two teams, team abang and me VS team Mai and Syira cause we never could get along with each other so I only had abang to lean on HAHA), abang prolly realise that he has got to prepare me to live on my own.

So growing up, I was forced to pick up a lot of survival skills from him.

From simple things like picking up the phone to dial Pizza Hut delivery, finding seats in the cinema, carrying crazy heavy grocery bags, dealing with strangers when buying things online, watching and playing bola, fixing gadgets such as handphones laptops external monitors hard disks, learning bout aperture and bokeh shots, using adobe photoshop illustrator cs and everything that's in between.

But him, leaving for Vancouver, had never come across my mind.

I used to kick up a fuss whenever abang use that line against me, I swear I hate it. How convenient it is for you to use such reasoning in forcing me to do things????????????

But then again if it isn't for you I prolly won't be this independent.
So thank you.
For being the best brother I could ever ask for.

Happy 26th birthday, abang. Love you.


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