Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not another bridezilla

If it's up to me, I wouldn't mind staying at home all day everyday. All the better for me. I could read books write books prepare breakfast lunch dinner do laundry clean house while watching dramas and pretend to be a domestic goddess, not.

But fact is, I can't.
I'm working on the wedding week and I still have to go to work two days after the wedding. I can't even afford to stay at home for 3 days straight what more 30?????

Kenapa susah sangat semua orang nak faham ni?
Kenapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? :(

Last week while rushing out to work, to events, to run errands I keep bumping into familiar faces (for some unknown reason semua duk pakat bump into me the same week ke apa??) who gave me comments like:

'Lagi sebulan nak kawen relek je?'
'Betul ke nak kawen, gaya macam tak je'
(I don't know man! How does other bride to be(s) behave? I'm supposed to quit life and prepare for wedding only is it??? I'm supposed to talk bout it 24/7?? Freak out every other day???)

Even to questions like
'Are you even engaged? How come I've never seen your tunang around?' (Eh my pasal lah?!!!!!! What's your problem??????????)

When I actually confided in my girlfriend in hopes that she could soothe my aching soul, her reply tak membantu langsung ok?

'Can you stop being so busy? Kau nak kawen ke taknak?'


PS: The number of exclamation marks & question marks reflects the state of frustration I am in right now. Like, ughhhhhhhhhhhh



  1. hi nir!
    jangan risau much dear! Bila nir ada ms byk masa u will just like nak buat itu, owh doesnt look nice. Change again. Again. And again. Tapi bila kita xbyk masa kita akan buat something sharp and sweet =).Like i have to do med checkup (tuesday) and go back to my office at 4.30 pm continue having meeting until 640..fall asleep at 8..wake up at 3am cont my busy schedule.Attending taklimat as early 6.30am the next day. Finish At 1,30..rushing back to office attending meeting at 2.30pm finish at 5.30pm. The same schedule continue until Saturday.
    We are iron lady, no? haha

    1. Hi awak! Wahhhhhhh kecoh. Hahaha. Yes we're iron ladiessssss. Thank you for the advice. True that, kalau kita banyak masa kita akan buat firm decision and tak ubah! :)

  2. Hello Nir! Kalau awak rosette, saya hydrangea. hee.. finally had the time to see the blog yang Cikgu selalu cakap2kan.. anw.. pedulikan apa orang nak comment. tak perlu sebenarnye nak dok pikiak panjang2 pasal wedding day. Kalau memang da prepare, insha Allah semua ditanggung beres.. Just wait for the time to look pretty on that dais. Take care, and enjoy every bit of your break while it last! Jgn fruz tonggeng lagi k.. :)

    1. Hi awakkkkkkkkkk! ARE YOU WHO I THINK WHO YOU ARE??????? HAHAHAHA. Astaghfirullah why are you reading my blog HAHAHAHA