Saturday, May 30, 2015

8 hours to The Wedding

As you figured it's 3am in the morning and I'm getting married in 8 hours time but hey, here I am blogging. I have a crazy busy mind right now but that aside, there's something I wanna say before I hit the bed tonight.

First and foremost, my 16 year old self

1) Wouldn't want to marry a guy who has a sister.

Cause I know how painful it is when your brother starts dating. I am an awfully clingy sister back then. I mean I know nobody outside my classroom hahah. Kalau nak go makan, dengan abang. Nak shopping, dengan abang. Nak tengok wayang, dengan abang. We go everywhere together to the point where people mistook us as a couple hahahahahahaha. Clingy level 1 million? I know.

When he got a minah my heart broke into gazillion pieces. That girl took away all his time for me and I wouldn't want anyone to go through that - especially not because of me. But this experience taught me to detach and me to be independent la. It sparked off the never be too close to anyone attitude HAHA (extreme, I know).

2) Wouldn't marry a bookworm

Well of course cause I know how addictive reading is. We'll just switch off and transport to another world for awhile. No not awhile, sometimes, a little more than awhile. So basically if my husband-to-be is a bookworm, I'd probably be jealous cause he'll spend a lot of time reading instead of talking to me HAHA.

3) Wouldn't marry someone who doesn't support Manchester United

Cause my family is Man United's hardcore fan. My brother almost converted into Real Madrid's fan when Beckham went there and it caused a lot of unnecessary conflict. That is why this was included in my criteria - I wouldn't want my husband-to-be to argue with ayah during EPL season, say he supports a different team.

But my 21 year old self is engaged to a

1) Guy who has a sister

Not just a sister, the sister got kids ok? And he dotes on them - I mean that's not exactly a bad thing but hmmmmmm.

2) Book Lover

Thing is, he's not just a bookworm, he's a freaking writer. That's even worse than a bookworm ok? I know how a writer works. And I certainly do not want to be his next bahan or experiment.

3) Non Man United Fan

He doesn't even watch soccer. at least for now I dont think he follows EPL. How do I keep the family tradition then?

Mr Fiance didn't cross just a line, he crossed every single criteria I seek in a husband-to-be.

You know what they say bout love isn't bout loving a perfect person but loving an imperfect person perfectly? Ah yes, that.

Screw the list, I'm getting married.


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