Sunday, May 24, 2015

Counting Days

It was way past midnight, I was still at macs finalizing some concepts with my team mates when one of the boys commented
"You're lucky to have H as your fiancĂ©."  
"Huh why?"  
"You've got meetings after 10pm on most days. No other guy can tolerate that." 
It struck a chord in me how accommodating Mr FiancĂ© has been to me.

To be honest life has been one hell of a ride these past months. I've got a little bit too much on my plate. I chase deadlines for a living. That's why my meeting always start late and end crazy late. Yet I still have to wake up early that same morning to carry on with life.

Juggling work school passion wed preps and everything that's in between ain't easy. 2015 thus far has witnessed my ups and mostly downs. The many times I choked up, fell down and bled. I think I broke down a lot this year. Crazy a lot. But blessed I am to have understanding family and supportive friends by my side. And of course, my loveliest students and colleagues as well.

Ala kulli haal, we're down to the last 6 days before the wedding.
And yes alhamdulillah I finally have time to actually sit down and work on those wedding deets.

Ibu can start breathing already hahah


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