Friday, June 26, 2015

Post 2015 Events

If there's one new thing about me that I've learnt for the past six months, it'll be the ability to look like I had a good rest and fresh despite having only 15-30 minutes of sleep the previous night. I can fake my freshness well HAHA

Anyways, prior to the wedding, I was pretty much involved in so many activities that I stopped keeping track. Hardly have time to blog bout them but since I've got plenty of time to spend now, I'll spam photos in this post for memories sake

1. Zoombara

It's a project that I worked so hard on since last year. It's the first ever perkhemahan bahasa held by Perbayu for secondary school students and I'm glad to be the one spearheading this project. I still can't get over how I was being humiliated in front of the kids when this crazy mat salleh decided to scream in my face asking me to make the campers shut up. A memory I'll never forget cause I ended up crying under a table after that incident. Hahah. Nevertheless, alhamdulillah, despite the many obstacles the team and myself had to go through, it was a success!

2. Committee Member for Secondary School Debate

For the past 5 years, I have always been the one in charge of Diari Bahas. Knowing that that was probably the last time I'd handle Diari Bahas (since I promised myself that I'm gonna cuci tangan bersih-bersih from Diari Bahas after this), I made sure that I end my 'Diari Bahas career' with a bang. Alhamdulillah, so happy that the chairman commented "This is the best Diari Bahas I've ever seen." Kudos to the DB team yeay!

3. On The Road Again Tour

Yes. I'm a big fan of One Direction. It's nice hearing them live but on a serious note, I'm never going concerts again, especially not with kids screaming all around me hahah.

4. Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2015

Managed to squeeze time for this. Borong quite a bit but mostly poetry books. Catch up sesh with my favourite girls, who else if not Lila, Bulan, Jatek and Kakdi. For some reason I didn't take much photos with the girls this time. Prolly because I've realised that I should capture memories in my mind instead of photographs #ohtakeh

 5. IJ10

Was awarded the Pursuit of Passion award during Innova Junior College's 10th year anniversary. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for the recommendation Mr Fuad!

6. Once Upon A Garden City

Was featured in National Arts Council's new project, Once Upon A Garden City campaign whereby they promote young Singapore writers (like me) hahah!

7. Cerpen SG50

In collaboration with Angkatan Sasterawan '50, I'm part of their antologi cerpen project for SG50. The book has yet to be published, will keep this page updated once the release date is confirmed okies,

8. Projek Maarif

Another manuscript waiting to be published, in collaboration with Al-Maarif for their fundraising project. InsyaAllah, will keep this page updated too once the release date is confirmed!

9. Bahas Alumni

Took part in a debate competition (in which my team lost) and my team couldn't comprehend why we lost given the fact that our opponent was obviously weaker - they hardly accept any celahan and they couldn't answer our bidasan. Even the audience were stunned when the emcee announced the results. But having said that, I realised that maybe we were too comfortable and confident to win. That's why God took away the champion title from us; to remind us that rezeki is always in God's hand, not us. It's a lesson learnt in a bitter way, but I got over it. This serves as a reminder for me to keep myself grounded at all times :)

10. Bahas 4PM

Mentored Alsagoff for the tertiary debate competition. This will need an entire post on it's own cause this particular event that stretched for about 3 months took almost 85% of my time. I'll talk about it in separate post sooon

11. Halal Bachelorette

I was too caught up with all sorts of nonsense that I hardly have time for myself even nearing the wedding. My girlfriends actually kidnapped me from work, took me to Sentosa and surprised me with a staycation. Blessed to have such thoughtful friends. The view from my hotel room is just, masyaAllah :')

Wow. That's quite a long post hahah. More to come kot, when I have the time to update. InsyaAllah. Have a blessed Ramadhan y'all!


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