Monday, July 13, 2015

Perks of understanding Arabic

In all honesty, I am not quite fond of imaams who read lengthy surahs during congregational prayers. But yesterday was different. The imaam recited Surah Al-Waqiah during one of the rakaats. I immediately recognized the first few ayaats cause I remember memorizing this surah when I was in secondary school. Those days when I was young and ignorant, I probably didn't bother to pay attention to the meaning.

But when the imaam recited it, his voice begging and begging,
I couldn't help but to absorb each and every ayaat.

And the meaning of this surah made me tremble in fear and brought me to tears. Do read it up if you haven't already, I hope it moves your heart the way it moved mine :')


الشهد ان لا اله الّا الله أستغفر الله أسألك الجنّة وأعوذ بك من النّار اللهمّ إنّك عفوّ تحبّ العفو فاعف عنّى


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