Friday, November 27, 2015

On The Chosen Vendors

The Chosen Vendors
1. Catering – Salmah Manap Catering

The shop is located at Joo Chiat Complex, 3rd floor. We didn’t plan to book them actually. We just happened to walk past their shop while going shopping one day. Ibu said they’re the ones in charge of Didicazli’s wedding. So we went in to enquire, heh. I liaised mainly wih kak Mas. Kak Erwin is in-charge of candy booth. Their mum is the cook. It’s a family business actually. They don’t really do marketing, like hardcore promos and all. Most know them by word of mouth. So they were quite shocked how we found out about them (all thanks to ibu’s research lolol).

Price per pax was within our budget and I think it’s actually cheaper than some other vendors I know, given how super varied the food line up is. Here’s a list of what’s included: Nasi Briyani Dam, Nasi Putih, Dalca, Ayam Masak Merah, Ikan Masak Manis, Mee Hoon, Acar, Pacri, Rojak + 12 kinds of dessert + candy corner + 5 types of beverages + bungkus.

Their package includes kendarat and washers as well. I know some catering tak provide kendarat and washers so end up nanti sedara mara kena activate to help basuh pinggan mangkuk all. And I don’t want that to happen. Also, the good thing about them is that, all 12 dessert will be there. Some catering cakap ada 12 macam kuih tapi bila Kuih A habis baru ganti dengan Kuih B.

We didn’t go for any food tasting by the way. Taktahu kenapa but the rapport they build with us made us trust them. And they were really really really really crazy nice. There were several issues that I had to face on the wedding eve (will talk about it the next part) and kak Mas actually texted me and asked me to calm down and that she will help as much as she can. So nice I cried. Lolol

Anyways most who came told my mum that the food is good. Can’t really say cause I didn’t get to eat much HAHA but alhamdulillah, we had no problem on the wedding day. Makanan sedap. Kendarat efficient.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!
Ibu already say if my sister nak kawen, we will definitely book them again hahaha!

2. Decor – Tahta Tiara

We signed up with them at Expo when I haven’t even actually recce other vendors yet. So I wasn’t able to compare prices. Lepas dah sign up baru realise that they are actually on the high end. So please think 10,000 times before you actually sign up for something at Expos. Honestly though, I love the dais. Really. It’s unique and very me, I know HAHA. But one thing about them is that, they’re not flexible. They do things the way they want, not the way customers want them to be.

We had a lot of issues with this vendor on my wedding eve. They didn’t exactly execute the layout the way we discuss beforehand. I can’t believe they didn’t even do a frikin aisle. And the entrance was really at a weird position. It’s at the side where nobody can actually see it. When I asked them to shift stuff here and there, they weren’t happy and started to give us the ‘ah apa lagi kau nak’ kind of attitude. It’s not only that, there were too many other issues to list down. I was too angry to give anymore instruction so I ended up letting them be.

When they finally left, I actually sat in front of the dais and cried lolol. It was 6 plus by then, people are starting to come. I turned into a bridezilla because of them siulz. My family forced me to go up and I wasn’t allow to go down until everything is settled hahah. When I finally went down around 9pm, I realised my army of family and friends have shifted a lot of things. They angkat the tables and chairs and reshuffle a lot just to make an aisle for me. They also re-do the entrance at a better position (yes the photos below, the aisle, the entrance facing the dais -- they're all my family and friends's work).

In conclusion, yes I do admit that their décor is really nice. Everyone complimented. But when it comes to service and how they handled the situation (they were very defensive by the way), I’m sorry I won’t recommend Tahta Tiara to anyone.

Verdict: Not recommended (unless you are the kind of person yang ah lantak kau lah buat apa korang nak aku malas nak masuk campur, then yeah go ahead)

3. Andaman – Kahwin Kawin Bridal

I was rejected more than 5 times before I finally found KKB. Main reason why I chose them is because KKB’s collection is very modest (baju tak ketat nak mampos kind – very hijab friendly) and I love the way they style the tudung (cover chest area). I have to admit that we didn’t really have a hard time choosing our baju cause Kak Ira – the person I liaised with – narrowed down her collection based on what we want and what she thinks suit us. The only problem was that, me and hubs – we’re worlds apart. He loves bright colours while I love pastel. Thank God my mum followed us so she helped us to make the final decision lolol.

I was lucky cause I got kak Ira, the owner of KKB herself, to do my make up on my wedding day. She came with her assistant, kak Sheereen while her husband attended my husband. Some bridal focus too much on the bride they forgot the groom needs help as well HAHA.

Here's what we chose:

Outfit 1: Baju Nikah

Outfit 2: Baju Sanding

Outfit 3: Outfit for cake cutting

Anyways. I love how flexible they are, like when they already pakaikan me some accessories and crown and I realise eh I don’t want all that, they happily comply and bukak. I didn't want to trim eyebrows (we all know the hukum la hor let's not go there) and use fake eyelashes. I'm pretty much banyak songeh jugak seh but they so nice and understanding!

And I simply kak Ira's make up!!  Cause I still look like me. Like I can still see my face underneath the make up all haha. I don’t look like I’m totally another person! And kak Ira stayed throughout. For some bridal, the main person will come to do make up for the first look. But then subsequent look the assistant will do. I think it’s a good thing cause lain orang lain touch, so it’s better if the same person yang anuhkan throughout kot.

Kak Ira made me look like a princess on my wedding day and I really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. I was a happy bride. Still am.

Verdict: Highly recommended
I would tell my sister to engage her when she wants to get married HAHA

4. Photography – The Project Pixel

Actually this is the first thing I booked for the wedding. Saw their works on Instagram, immediately fell in love. I don’t even have a second option. Haha. And what I love about TPP is that, the team ada female photographer. That’s my main concern lah. I wouldn’t want a male photographer to be in the room while I siap. I liaised with Hali Dee and she’s my official photographer for the wedding. She’s very lepak, doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable (though me and hubs were crazy awkward at that time hahahahahhahaha).

It took about 6-9 weeks to process the album though. I'm not too sure if this is the usual practice but I don't really mind. What can I say, the photos here are all her work. I super love the outcome!

Verdict: Highly recommended

5. Kompang – As-Siddiq

Do you know how crazy expensive kompang is? Some of the quotes I got was like, $600? Frikin $600 for kompang? I can go staycation with that money hahaha. Almost wanna do away kompang but ibu wasn’t really keen with that idea. I know Aljunied is famous with their kompang groups, so I managed to get their contact. Liaised with Rusyaidi, who happens to be budak bahas hahaha. It was an easy deal, they’re negotiable. Can discuss in accordance to our budget. No deposit needed even. Just pay on the day wedding day itself!

I’ve heard how pecah some kompang teams were at some weddings. I wouldn’t say they are exceptionally good (Akrab Kompang is my standard lolol) but they are not bad either. I don’t remember what exactly they played but they recited some of my favourite selawats. They’re pleasant to the ear, so I’m good :)

Verdict: Recommended

6. Wedding Favours - BerkatFG

Ibu wanted something traditional, like telur + pulut. While I wanted something more cute and modern. Saw BerkatFG’s Instagram and they actually provide telur merah. So I ended up getting telur merah in a pail (which is suuuuuuuuper cheap actually). Telur merah is traditional, the pail is cute so ok lor (see picture below hehe). Makes me and ibu happy.

Whereas for kids, we gave them candies (not anyhow ok, BerkatFB only use halal certified ones). We can choose what kind of box we want for the candies, there were four other options but I chose the one below. They threw in free goodies also.

The only problem we had with this vendor was that few days before the wedding, they emailed us saying they wrapped the pails in plastic instead like the picture below. Honestly I tak kisah. But ibu wasn’t happy cause they should have told us earlier, not last minute. And also because plastic doesn’t look as lawa as what we initially wanted. They explained saying the person they ordered the pails from yang mess up and we’re not the only ones affected cause another couple ordered the same thing. They apologized and offered discount in which I happily agreed.

Honestly it was easy liaising with them, just through emails. The only hiccup was about the plastic thing in which I think they tried their best to rectify the situation. So yesss. I would recommend them anyhoos cause they’re pretty affordable and they delivered on time!

Verdict: Recommended

7. Invitation Cards and Photobooth Postcards – Amirah Concept

Amirah Concept is a Malaysian based company. I know the owner personally cause she used to work for my publishing company. And the packages she offered are pretty good. It was easy liaising with her cause I know exactly what I want. So I just sent her pictures of what I want and voila, she executed it well.

Simply love how everything turned out, especially for the photobooth postcard's cause the material used is smudge proof!

Verdict: Recommended

8. Wedding Cake – Mama’s Oven

She’s my bestfriend’s aunt. Used to order brownies from her and they’re good. And I’ve always seen her wedding bakes on IG and they’re pretty nice. So this is the case of malas nak cari vendor lain, honestly I just booked her for convenience sake haha. I didn’t get to taste the cake properly so I can’t really say much. But the cake is beautiful, just like what I wanted (reference pic below).

Mine is 2 tier + 1 dummy though. She also provided small containers to place the cake after cutting. Price she charged me is inclusive of cake table set up and delivery. Which I think it’s more or less something like other vendors (not that I asked any other but that’s what people told me haha).

Verdict: Recommended
Actually I have already recommended her to my friends who are getting married hahahaha

Such a crazy long entry, grammar semua berterabuh how do people even do this?! HAHA. Moving on to the next one!



  1. This is so lovely post on your wedding vendors. Truly, finding the right wedding vendors is very difficult nowadays. I am also having hard time in finding good and affordable vendors for my big day. Well, I am done with booking my wedding venues and now will get help from a planner for the rest arrangements.