Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On Post Pinguette

I realise that I haven't really blog about the wedding at all, although it has been almost 6 months since I got married. Whoa 6 months or what. Right after the wedding I was crazy busy with bahas (in which I still have not blogged about!!) and then I was occupied with practicum. Year 4 started right after, that's the part where I fell ill and all the nonsense kicked in.

Anyways. I still owe vendors reviews so I guess I'll be spamming my blog in the next few entries. Omg opening back the Pinguette folder brings back so much memories lolol.

So first up, the list.

The Chosen Vendors
1. Catering – Salmah Manap Catering
2. Decor – Tahta Tiara
3. Andaman – Kahwin Kawin Bridal
4. Photography – The Project Pixel
5. Kompang – As-Siddiq
6. Wedding Favours - BerkatFG
7. Invitation Cards – Amirah Concept
8. Photobooth Postcards – Amirah Concept
9. Wedding Cake – Mama’s Oven

The Admin Matters
1. Tok Kadi – Ustaz Nuzhan
2. Venue – Void Deck

The BTB Essentials
1. Shoes – Far East Plaza
2. Spa - SpaByNorfasarie
3. Henna – Isabella Henna

The Orang Kuat
1. Kain Bridesmaid- KL
2. Henna for bridesmaids and family – Syeera
3. Corsages for family - Dlove_Bloomz

The DIYs and Misc
1. Bunga Rampai + Bunga Manggar
2. Gubahan Hantaran
3. Photobooth
4. Bridal room
5. Videography
6. Entertainment

Here's a list for your reference in case you're planning for a wedding and you need somewhere to start! They're mostly on Facebook/IG so you can search them (yes I'm too lazy to provide the links). Oh yes, if you notice there's quite a number of things I didn't do, like hiring videographer and entertainment. And I do away the tradition - like sireh junjung and tepung tawar. This list is purely mine OK? Y'all can add on wherever necessary.

So now that I'm done listing, I'll do the review in parts. Please bear with me. Teeheee.


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