Monday, November 30, 2015

On The Wedding Essentials

The Admin Matters
1. Tok Kadi – Ustaz Nuzhan

Couples who intend to get married can start registering at ROMM website 150 days before the solemnization date. I happily applied later than 150 days so when I logged in, most kadis have been snagged HAHA. I think out of 13, only tinggal 3 je??

I wanted Ustaz Zahid or Ustaz Syed but both were fully booked on my solemnization date. I don’t really know who were the other 2 kadis listed but Ustaz Nuzhan sounds familiar (I know he is very young and he is quite popular) but I’ve never actually sat in any of his sessions so I decided to just gojer.

I’ve heard many horror stories bout how kadis ‘torture’ couples before akad nikah. Like asking tough questions and being super garang. And some kadis give long khutbahs monotonously that people weren’t actually paying attention.

Alhamdulillah, I think Ustaz Nuzhan made all of us feel comfortable and most importantly calm. His khutbah was short and simple but it really went straight to my heart and many others (SO MANY TEARED LISTENING TO HIS KHUTBAH HAHAHA).

It was all over in a matter of what, 15 minutes?

Funny thing was, the whole time I wasn’t nervous for myself. I was nervous for hubs in case he stammer and sangkut and takle kawen HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

2. Venue – Void Deck

Ibu initially wanted to do the wedding at a CC. But after calculating the cost and surveying all the CCs, it’s too expensive. Might stretch up till 3k and décor will definitely charge us more if we were to do it at CC. So we decided to just stick to void deck. Thank God the void deck near my place is crazy spacious, like one entire stretch, see picture below!

You’ll have to go through Town Council to do the booking. Different areas have different timings but for Tampines you can only book 6 months before. Renting of void deck for wedding costs around $200. We had to pay an additional security deposit of $300 though but after the event, they returned the money.

Most would wanna do a wedding at CC cause of aircon and nampak lagi grand and stuff. But really lah. I don’t think it’s worth it. Unless it’s a combined wedding. Just a tip, with regards to takut-wedding-bawah-block-nanti-panas, just rent fans or coolers! I rented 6 fans (or was it 8, can’t remember!) and it cost me around $150 je. This actually worked ok and it's still wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than booking CC!

The BTB Essentials
1. Shoes – Far East Plaza

I’ve read so many BTB blogs about the hassle of looking for The Wedding Shoes. And how expensive wedding shoes are (like beratus-ratus letak kat tapak kaki je???). I initially wanted to custom order my wedding shoes from KL (therefore cheaper) cause I can’t really wear crazy high heels. But the vendor I liaised with was problematic so at the very last minute I had to find ready made ones. I wanted something like the picture below actually:

I dragged my two bestfriends along thinking I would take forever to find the perfect shoes. But actually, all it took was less than half an hour to pick this shoe up (photo below) from a shop at Far East Plaza and this pair costs frikin 30 dollars aje!!!

And I bought only one pair to match all 3 outfits. I can’t see a reason why I should buy 3 different shoes for 3 different outfits that I’m gonna wear only once in my life. This was a crazy bargain. I had difficulty walking in this though HAHA.

So BTBs, nak beli kasut kawen beli kat Far East je k? Situ banyak kasut murah yang lawa-lawa hahah!

2. Spa – SpaByNorfasarie

I thought it’s at some ulu place but actually it’s quite accessible lah. Just a stop before PKMS and I have straight bus from home. I had a really good time here. Really took my mind off all the wedding preps and what nots (sorry I’m not going into details, too private HAHA). It’s good value for money. Can’t remember exactly how much I paid but there was a promotion for BTBs and I know it’s wayyyy cheaper than other spas – some spas charge like $300+.

The staff who handled me was very nice. She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Though tbh I was actually very paiseh nak mampos HAHA cause that was my very very very very first experience going to a spa. I was given a room all for myself, siap ada private Jacuzzi and TV okay, so privacy wise is really tip top. I dozed off a few times HAHAHAHA

Sigh. Reminiscing that trip, I actually don’t mind going there again just for fun.

Verdict: Highly recommended

3. Henna – Isabella Henna

I got to know about her through Ekasya (Eshennafix). I booked Ekasya first actually but last minute she can’t so she passed me other contacts. It’s a case of no other choice so I just booked Isabella Henna. There’s different charges for simple or intricate design. An additional of $30 for intricate. Apparently lace design is considered intricate (like mine). Simple is like, a circle mandala.

Package includes henna on both palms, hands and feet. And finger caps as well. Basically I just showed the kind of design I like and then I just let her work her magic.

I did my henna two days before the wedding. Thought the stain wasn’t red enough on the finger caps though, you can see on the picture above. But then again henna isn’t really my concern lolol so tak pasal.

Verdict: Recommended

The Orang Kuat
1. Kain Bridesmaids - KL

Lila was the one who settled the orders for me. Basically I just chose the colour and tadah. It’s Lila’s dad’s friend’s shop so I got those kains at super discounted price. I think if I were to buy in SG it’ll be 2.5 times more expensive heh!

2. Henna for bridesmaids and family – Syeera

She’s Isabella Henna’s mentee. I actually didn’t know about it. Booked her cause she’s my Alsagoff student’s friend and I saw on IG how she always do henna for her friends. She came to my place two days before the wedding to do henna for my family and bridesmaids. She charged around $5 per hand, just like geylang henna booth during raya season.

I felt bad that she stayed at my place beyond midnight though. But she’s very patient. And she copies henna design pretty well. She can execute the same exact design that you want flawlessly on your hand. The only thing is that the stain didn’t last long, like geylang henna. My mum’s henna started fading already on my wedding day although she only put it on two days before the wedding. But this was probably because she banyak cuci pinggan hahah.

In any case, for in-house henna party at an affordable rate, I highly recommend her! 

Verdict: Highly Recommended

3. Corsages for family - Dlove_Bloomz

I wanted to get something personalized for my orang kuat. Happen to know that this friend of mine does flower bouquet for weddings. Just tried my luck and ask if she does corsages and yeay apparently she does so I ordered from her. I just showed her a sample, colours I wanted and tadah, everything’s ready!

I ordered quite last minute actually, few weeks before the wedding but she managed to get all 10 wrist corsages and 6 brooches on time. In fact, she delivered straight to my doorstep. Super love the end product!

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Onto the last part, i.e the DIYs!


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