Saturday, December 05, 2015

On The DIYs and Misc

The DIYs and Misc
1. Bunga Rampai + Bunga Manggar

They’re kinda do-able so I thought it’s a waste of money to order. Got all the necessary items from Geylang Serai: Toko Warisan. Kain for Bunga Rampai I cut off from kain photobooth. Label tags I re-used from Engagement poster that abang made for me. Wouldn’t say they’re crazy nice but they’re pretty decent AND save cost!

Tips to DIY bunga manggar: it's supposed to be based on the outfits you gonna wear for sanding ok. I didn't know seh HAHA.

2. Gubahan Hantaran

Most vendors charge around $18-$22 per tray for gubahan. I’ve got 7 trays. Which means almost $150 just for gubahan. Not inclusive of delivery and whatever extra charges. Decided to go JB for the trays (cause one plain tray at Geylang is quite ex still).

The trays I got from JB are ready made with the décor. Just have to arrange the items accordingly. All the trays below for around $70 I think.

Can’t remember what’s the name of the shop though but it’s at the same row as Calaqisya, Bella Ammara all. You can pick and choose the colour, the flower type, tray type, etc. You’ll have to come back another day for collection though cause those on displays are all people’s order.

3. Photobooth

It’d be nice to have someone professional manning a photobooth with live printing station and stuff but this isn’t something I would want to splurge on. And I have specific things in mind so might as well DIY.

Got the burlap material for backdrop from KL, the stand I bought it from carousel, fairylights from Ikea and those shelves – my friend (who owns AvantGarde) lent me. I own a photo printer so that kinda saved some cost. And I already mentioned in my previous post, I ordered the postcard for photobooth sekali dengan wedding invites from the same vendor.

The orang-orang kuat behind my photobooth were my DPI2 Alsagoff students who gotong royong made the props and manned the booth on my wedding day. They were the ones in-charge of Alsagoff’s carnival photobooth, that’s how I approached and asked them if they wanted to be part of the wedding crew. In which I’m glad they were willing to volunteer and help out. Am I not blessed with amazing people??

Also not to forget my classmates who helped to set up the photobooth on the wedding eve. I spent a total of $130 (more or less) for everything. Whereas if I were to book a vendor it’ll cost the cheapest around, say, $400-$500?

4. Bridal room

I initially didn’t wanna do anything to do the room HAHA but ibu said it’s very important cause people will come up to see the room. But then bridal room décor packages are crazy. The cheapest quote I got was $450. And those stuff are not even given free, you know. They’re just for rent. So right after the wedding they’ll take down everything and your room will be plain empty back.

Think I spent just $50 bucks for this. My uncle and aunt were the ones who helped out. Bought kain from Geylang in which they turned it into runner on my bed + alas cushion + backdrop. Bought net and potpourri from Ikea. Flowers from geylang. Ribbons from SKP.

(Oh by the way furnitures got em all from Ikea -- I'm an Ikea person since like forever)
And tadah. Nothing too fancy. But not too plain either.

5. Videography

These are my Alsagoff crew who helped out with photobooth and also videos!

These girls helped with the clips, in which after that my brother compiled them all and made it into one full video. My brother does freelance video editing so it doesn’t make sense if I were to engage someone and pay 2k for a 5 minute video when I can get my brother to do something to MY liking hahah.

Would love to upload it here but then I don’t have the video with me, it’s in my brother’s laptop. Will share it here once I got it! Hehe 

On a serious note I think photos lagi penting dari video that’s why I splurge on TPP. But video wise, you can actually just get anyone to help out video-ing and then there’s a lot of app that you can use to do the compilation. The outcome won’t be like professional work la but ok what. IMO tak worth it splurge for video. But then again, to each his own hor.

6. Entertainment

Again, something I managed to save on. Most quotes I got was around $400-$700. I’m not very keen to have annoying memekak DJs on my wedding day. I’d rather play songs (my playlist of songs -- not some jiwang pelamin-anganku-musnah kind of songs being played on MY wedding day).

So I made The Wedding Playlist. There’s five categories, compilation of songs my husband and I love (also my mum’s and sisters’ choice).
  • Nasyid & Selawats (To be played after nikah)
  • Malay Favourites (To be played between 12-4pm)
  • Malay Essentials (To be played during sanding in songket)
  • English & Korean (To be played between 4-6pm)
  • Classics (To be played during sanding in gown/suit)
I'm lucky cause I've a friend who's willing to lend me his sound system and mic. But for those who don't know anyone and need to rent, you can get it around $200. Still, less than engaging a vendor!

Now for a reflection entry before I can kiss this series a goodbye. Hahah!


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