Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Labour Story

Assalamualaikum Hasya Rose Sophia (which means Happiness Love Wisdom), alhamdulillah, after 21 gruelling hours in the delivery suite, we finally got to meet you, lilpinguette!

I'm pretty sure my labour story is an experience that will be etched forever in my mind, but I also know, the teeny weeny details might slip off my mind over time -- so just for keepsake, a blog entry I shall post. Bear with me cause it's going to be a super crazy long post.

I still remember telling my baby bump, almost everyday, to pop only after 16 March. I've got so many things on my plate that week - submission of essays, events to attend, talks to conduct, bahas to judge, it was really crazy hectic.

And then on the night of 18th March, I told the lil babe again 'please pop tomorrow cause your abah is coming'. I know if she doesn't come out over the weekend, my husband prolly won't be able to make it on time for labour cause he won't be in SG. I remember chanting that gazillion times to my tummy, my sisters thought I was crazy HAHA.

So come 19th March, I've got back to back events to attend that day actually: Pesta Pantun semi finals, Bahas quarter finals, picking up husband from the airport and then dinner date with my friends. Alas, I canceled everything. Picked up hubs from the airport and went straight home instead. I was already feeling funny but I chose not to dwell on it so much.

Oh before I forget, I've been craving for durian too for quite sometime. But we all know durian panas so for baby's sake I didn't get any. But around 6 plus, I think, we heard a familiar ice cream bell sound so hubs went down and bought me durian flavoured ice cream. So macam, okay, one last craving satisfied kepe.

Started feeling even funnier by maghrib. I've no idea if that's contraction or not. Based on descriptions, macam ya. But the pain is still bearable I kept saying "kalau ni seriously contraction, I'm gonna laugh mannnnnnnnn." The pain prolonged all the way till after midnight. Only decided to pack my bag and head to the hospital after realizing I've lost my mucus plug. Itupun, honestly, I really don't know if it's time for labour yet so I was kinda prepared to be sent back home after going to hospital.

Reached KK around 1am. Nurses said they'll only admit me if I'm 3cm dilated. Apparently yeah I was. So they send me straight to the delivery suite. Truthfully, macam menyesal pegi siang sangat. Once masuk delivery suite dah takleh makan takleh gi toilet kena stay on bed. I should have had McDonald's before I go delivery suite you know. I was so hungry they won't even let me have a cup of milo sigh.

Anyways. I kinda slept through the night. (By the way, today is confinement day 23, I swear I'm starting to forget the details HAHA). To cut things short, I'm only 4cm dilated at 10am and by 5pm, I am only 5 frikin cm dilated. That's like, 5 more cms to go so how many more years do I have to wait??

The whole time nurses kept coming in and asked me to rate the pain. Still, I find it quite bearable so I gave a 6 and 7. They kept asking if I wanna get epidural (I made my husband promise NOT to sign the damn epidural form cause I don't wanna get that shot no matter what happens hahah). I couldn't depend on the laughing gas either cause the gas made me get asthma attacks so it was really just me, myself and I (ok of course la it really helps to have hubs by my side and Allah's will).

I remember it was 7pm and my family was outside the delivery suite. I told hubs to go and have dinner with them cause I think there's still a long way to go. But the second hubs left, I started getting real crazy pain. . Texted my sis to tell my husband to come back hahah (in which he did) and from that moment onwards, it was the real showdown.

Through it all I didn't scream but this time I was shaking the bed so bad. My screams ranged from "I WANT TO PASS MOTION NOW!" (wanted to say shit but too many nurses around and I didn't wanna curse, kene control hahahahahaha) to "SAKIT GILER LA I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!" My hands were all over the place, grabbing anything I can. I remember hubs saying "tarik je la apape awak nak tarik, saya tak kisah" HAHA.

The pain was unbearable I decided to take epidural. Cause in my mind I'm only 5cm dilated, I've got 5 more cm and many more hours to go, I don't think I've the energy to last another day if I don't take the damn epidural jab haha. But just before hubs signed the form (seriously, my husband cannot make it sia I already made him promise not to sign the form no matter what happens, see la so easy he happy happy want to sign!!!!), I was told that I'm already 9cm dilated and it's too late to get epidural cause I'm ready to pop soon. I was super crazy relieve la sey!! Cause honestly needles and injections scare me more than labour itself hahah.

I think it took me around 4-5 pushes to deliver the baby. I know I was determined to get over and done with it that I wanted to push even when there's no contraction HAHA. Apparently you're supposed to push only when you feel contractions la. Once I get the hang of it, it was kinda easy and smooth. I said easy and smooth, not painless ah k haha.

So yes, at 1035pm, alhamdulillah, I managed to deliver a beautiful baby girl weighing 2.56kg. I can't believe I grew a tiny human being in my belly. I still can't believe it till now. Allahuakhbar.

Honestly I had no more energy left after baby popped out. I could feel the pain when my gynae did the stitching but I was too weak to even complain about the pain. I didn't even have the energy to grip hubs hand. I spam the laughing gas this time, so much that it made me so crazy high.

I intended to do the skin-to-skin contact thing right after labour, but I really cannot make it cos the laughing gas made me feel nauseous and wanna vomit. I didn't wanna touch the baby also cause I scared I might drop her or something haha so I told the nurses to leave her in the nursery.

I wouldn't survive labour without my husband my my side throughout the labour process.  I don't think you read this blog anyway but thank you sayang for everything. I'm sure you saw the side of me you've never seen before HAHA. Sorry not sorry, you're stuck with me forever though. Love you abadan abada heheheh.

On a serious note, I think it's amazing how Allah plans everything. I was practically done with everything necessary - events and submissions and what nots. Hubs arrived in the morning and I had contractions in the afternoon. I even managed to get my one last craving satisfied. Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal. So really, believe in Allah's perfect timing cause He knows best!

Anyway. So this is my labour story. Did I scare you yet? HEHE.

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